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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Looking for that silver lining...

The Sox lost to the K.C. Royals, a.k.a the worst team in baseball, last night.

Rather than delve into how sucky that is, let's focus on the somewhat good news that the Yankees happen to be playing the Chicago White Sox at the same time that the Red Sox are playing K.C.

That means that the Red Sox should be able to make up some ground, either in the AL East or in the Wildcard standings, assuming they can actually win some of these effing games that is...

Yes, I know I'm probably being a little hard on the team right now, and things with The Sox are not 'that bad'. We are in the thick of the playoff chase and that is a good thing. I'm now stepping back and taking a deep breath.

Beckett goes tonight for The Red Sox. Opportunity is knocking.

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Beckett will do good... Beckett will do good... Beckett will do good...

*crosses fingers*

Oh my god I can't believe we have dropped 2 in a row to K.C.

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