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Thursday, August 03, 2006

MSM Patriots coverage: You guys need to relax

There is a report in the Boston Herald that Tedy Bruschi may or may not have broken his wrist. It could be a break, it could be a sprain. Why wait to find out when you can just jump to conclusions right?

I'm waiting for somebody in the press to ask Coach Belichick, 'Is it possible to break your wrist and then not have it be broken?'

The Herald actually has a poll on their site asking, 'How will the team's playoff chances be affected if Bruschi is lost to injury?' Don't you think that's a little ridiculous? Especially at this point in time, since The Pats have not even played a pre-season game yet?

I know this might sound crazy, but if Bruschi is hurt, how about waiting to find out what is actually wrong with him before you try and predict how it will affect the Patriots playoff chances 6 months from now. Come on. Get a grip you guys.

The Boston press needs to relax a little in regards to the day to day events going on at Patriots Training Camp. There has been an over-the-top reaction to pretty much every single little thing that has happened during The Pats training camp so far, from who's on or off the practice field from one session to the next, to Deion Branch's hold out, to Tom Brady's recent comments about said holdout in Sports Illustrated.

In fairness, I should point out that not everything coming out of the press these days regarding The Patriots is a total over-reaction. I am not a big fan of The Boston Globe, but recently I started reading Mike Reiss' Patriots Blog, Reiss's Pieces, and it has been a great way to get 'just the facts' on the day to day activities at Patriots Training Camp.

In Belichick We Trust

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I read Mike's stuff too. And that guy over at MVN..... The Patriot Act

I don't know about that guy who writes The Patriot Act... He seems like he's got his head up his ass*. The other writer, the one that just started posting again, he seems ok ;)

*note to the overly sensitive: this is a joke

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