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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On the hunt...

The Sox got the much needed win tonight vs. Detroit, 6-4 while the O's managed to beat the Yankees 3-2. That keeps the Red Sox in the hunt for the A.L. East with 5 games against the Yankees coming up this weekend.

I don't need to tell you how important this next series with the Yankees is, but I will do it anyway. This next series vs The Yankees is critically important.

The Sox will head into the weekend 2 games behind the MFY in the A.L. East.

David Wells is starting to grow on me. Winning games will do that. The Red Sox are in desperate need of some reliable pitching right now, from somebody besides Curt Shilling that is, and Wells has been solid since his return from the D.L.

I'm actually considering trying to go to the Sox / Yanks game on Saturday. I will be going into Boston anyway for the Rollins concert later that night at Avalon, which is right across the street from Fenway, and with the Yankees playing that day, I know that whole area is going to be jam packed.

I'm thinking it might actually be easier to go in for the game and make a day of it, than to try to drive in afterwards and try to find somewhere to park and all that stuff n' nonsense.. I'm sure I can get a single ticket for the game in the bleachers or maybe better. We'll see...

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it's worth a try

I am going to call the Sox box-office today. Maybe they'll have some good single seats left. We'll see!

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