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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pats release Gramatica, go with rookie kicker...

To the surprise of, well, nobody, The Pats released kicker Martin Gramatica, deciding to go with the younger, stronger leg of rookie Stephen Gostkowski to take over the Pats' kicking duties.

I think The Pats made the right move in going with the rookie. It's pretty much a no-brainer really.

It would have been one thing if Gostkowski was missing his kicks, but he showed accuracy on field-goals and the ability to put the ball into the end-zone on kickoffs. You've got to go with the younger, stronger leg of the rookie kicker over the, hate to say it because I am one, older guy.

It's not that Gramatica did a bad job in camp, in fact, he did quite well I thought. Even though he was cut by the team, I think The Pats actually did right by Gramatica. They brought him in, gave him a chance to show what he could still do and that he was healthy, and they let him go with plenty of time to maybe hook on with another team. Based on his performance, I would not be surprised at all if Gramatica draws some interest around the league from teams looking for a kicker.

The bottom line is that Gostkowski has nothing but upside, whereas Gramatica, while he showed that he can still perform, is on the downside of his career. Had The Pats gone with Gramatica, they would have been in the same spot as they are now in a year or two. In going with Gostkowski, The Patriots kicking position will hopefully be in good hands for the next several years.

In Belichick We Trust

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You sound as if you are from the coaching staff.... working the way down to 53... do you think they will only have 2 QBs on the roster?

I am part of the arm-chair coaching staff. I've got a headset that I wear on Sundays and everything.


No. We got the cool new slipcover though. No Patriots patch on it yet. I will have to try and get one at the ProShop when I go to the game Sat.

My only problem with the decision is the difficulty I've had saying "Gostkowski." My dad and I have decided we will just call the little guy "Goose."

And, if my memory serves me correctly, my dad couldn't say Vinatieri for years. He's currently having severe trouble pronouncing Maroney. Thank goodness my dad never taught school. During the first month of class, attendance taking time would be a nightmare.

Ha ha that is funny, though now I have images from Mad Max and Top Gun in my head, where both of the characters named Goose did not do to well...

Maybe better to just call him 'G' that way when you run into him on the street you can say, 'Yo was' up G'?


The Pats are allowing Branch to seek a trade????!!!!

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