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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pre-Season Game 2: Not the old Arizona Cardinals anymore...

The next Patriots pre-season game, vs. The Arizona Cardinals, should prove to be pretty interesting. In previous years, seeing the Cards on the schedule was usually a yawn inducing event, but no more.

The Cards are looking to compete with the rest of the NFL this year with Curt Warner at QB and Edgerrin James running the ball, not to mention Dennis Green coaching the team. This is not the old, pushover Cardinals team that the rest of NFL has become accustomed to.

I'm not saying I expect the Cardinals to go undefeated this season, but they should have a good, competitive team this year. This should be a good test for the Patriots in pre-season game two.

From a team perspective, I was actually disappointed to hear that The Cardinals rookie QB Matt Leinart will probably play in this game. I'd much rather see the Pats face an experienced QB like Curt Warner in pre-season than a rookie who is just getting his feet wet in training camp.

Forget about the novelty of seeing Leinart in his first NFL, albeit pre-season, game. Pre-season is about preparation, and which QB is going to give the Pats a better challenge to help them get ready for the season, Warner or Leinart? Exactly...

Or, the Cards could always put in our old friend, former Patriots backup QB Rohan Davey, who is now a backup QB for Arizona. Don't be surprised to see him out there along with former Michigan QB John Navarre as well. Usually in pre-season game 2, everybody plays, then the team goes out for pizza afterwards.

On a side note, I used to work with a guy who actually wanted to see the Pats play Rohan over Tom Brady. Phhht. I still can't believe that one. I used to rag on this guy to no end, but wanting to see Rohan Davey in a game over Tom Brady? He deserved everything he got.

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the poor man--he must have suffered a severe head injury, indeed.

Pretty kooky huh? I think he might've done too much acid in the 70's or something ;)

hhmm - pretty kooky I say. Didn't he also like Drew Bledsoe?

Yes he did like Drew actually!

I will give my friend some credit though, during the 2004 ALCS, even when the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees, he always said the Sox were going to win it. He never once waivered. That's pretty cool.

Still kooky though!

right, that just confirms the kookiness.

Now I want a cookie. Dammit.

"On a side note, I used to work with a guy who actually wanted to see the Pats play Rohan over Tom Brady."

*jaw drops*

Oh yeah. I know its funny but you know the backup QB is always the most popular guy on the team. Remember when everybody wanted to see Michael Bishop in a game instead of Bledsoe? Grogan instead of Eason? Oh wait. That one actually made sense ;)

I used to work with quite a bunch of characters. Maybe I can tell some of those stories now that I don't work there anymore...

Hmmmm. Maybe I should start a new category.

Hey how abotu the MFY - dropping their last 2¨!?!?! Fuckin A!

I used to talk football with this guy years ago and I remember when the Patriots signed Belichick, he was enraged! He was one of those on the Marty Shottenheimer bandwagon. He said that we'd be better off with Carroll and he even called Bill, "Belichicken". I haven't talked to this guy in years but I wonder if he's changed his opinion. :D

I would have to guess the answer would be yes. ;)

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