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Monday, August 14, 2006

Red Sox / Tigers: Must win for Sox

Tonight's Red Sox game vs. The Detroit Tigers is a must win game, not just because of the pennant race and it's possible effect on the standings, but because my Wife and her Sister-In-Law, as well as her Mom and Dad, are at the game tonight.

My Sister-In-Law actually got to throw out the first pitch in tonight's game! How friggin' chock full of awesomeness is that?!

Of course, as her guest, my Wife got to go on the field with her Sister. Yup. My wife, the lady that gives me a smooch and tells me, 'don't stay up late' as she heads off to sleep when the Sox games go too late at night, got to go on the field at Fenway tonight.

But I'm not jealous.

Ha! What are you nuts? Dude, of course I am jealous, but, I am very, very happy for my Wife and Sister-In-Law too, because that is a once in a lifetime thing that they got to share together tonight, something that I'm sure both of them will never forget.

The whole experience must have been just incredibly cool.

Throwing out the first pitch at Fenway. Wow. Just wow!

So, as you can see, this is a must, must win game for The Red Sox. They can't lose a game where my Wife got to go on the field at Fenway and my Sister-In-Law threw out the first pitch. A loss in this situation just can't be allowed by the Baseball Gods to happen.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to let Josh Beckett know about all this excitement in my family, and he was terrible tonight, but I'm not going to start with that. (That will probably be tomorrow's post for your fans of the f-word.)

Right now, it's all about sending out some of those ultra-positive vibes to Fenway, where the score is 5-3 7-3 (!!&*$# Seanez) Detroit in the top of the 8th.

Positive Vibes. Positive Vibes. Positive Vibes.


The score is 7-4 Detroit in the top of the 9th. If you don't have your rally cap backwards and inside-out yet, well? What're you waiting for?

Final update:
The Sox lost, 7-4. Blah.

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it is cool that Ms Sis-in-law - herself got to throw out the first pitch! How did she get to do that?!

Did you get to see it it also on TV w the kids - see auntie B and mommy out there?

:o) I am sure Sis-in-law was not ahppy w the game and Mrs BnW didnt care either way...

She won it in some kind of Jimmy Fund raffle thing. Pretty cool prize.

We did not get to see it on TV. They don't usually show the 1st pitch unless it is somebody famous doing it, but we got it on tape. The Sox let them bring in a video camera. So that is cool.

And they both were pissed at the outcome of the game, but that's how it goes :P

That is so frickin' awesome! Too bad the BoSox couldn't pull off a win to top off that experience.

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