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Friday, August 11, 2006

Standings Salve...

Here's what's helping me maintain my cool regarding the Red Sox right now: despite losing the last 3 series to bottom feeding teams like K.C, Tampa Bay and Cleveland, The Sox are only 3 games out of the AL East and 2 out of the Wildcard. It is certainly not an insurmountable task at this point to climb back up in the standings.

The team has faced similar, if not worse, situations before. Heck, just go through this site's (I hate the word 'blog') archives and look in August. You'll see me writing the same kind of junk as I am right now. Same shit. Different season.

The thing that has me worried is, the next two and a half weeks are going to be critical, season defining weeks, against good teams, with winning records. If The Sox can get swept by a last place team like K.C. what's going to happen when we play 1st place teams like Detroit and NY next week?

Hopefully the Red Sox can remember how to win a game or two against Baltimore this weekend. Positive vibes. Positive vibes.

Link: Major League Baseball : Wild Card Standings.

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The team just needs a day off and some lobsters.

Meanwhile, the Padres have dropped out of first in the NL west, too. Tell you what - I'll send the Sox positive vibes, and you send some positive vibes out this way, and we'll meet you in the World Series. Sound good?

Sounds good to me Mikey! It's a deal.

If you get to any games give Dave Roberts an extra cheer for me.

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