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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

That's your answer?

So last night I asked a question. A rhetorical question, but a question none-the-less. What are you going to show me tonight Red Sox? Are we playoff contenders or pretenders?

And what do they do? They put some guy nobody had ever heard of before out there on the mound, I think maybe they found him on a street corner in Oakland, to pitch against one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. End result: 9-0 A's and The Red Sox are now 7 back in the A.L. East.

The Sox starter Kason Gabbard took the loss. ('Scuse me, who is he again? No offense Kason.)

Look, I realize that like, everybody on the team is hurt, so I don't want to sound like I'm bashing the team. You know I don't bash. I'm just frustrated that's all. I mean, the pitching is patchwork, and we've got backups in for the backups in key positions all over the place. Tek's out, Trot's out, Willy Mo's hurt, Manny's hurt and Big Papi's heading back to Boston because he's having heart problems. What the hell is that all about?? Jezus. It's nuts. (Bottom line: Just be ok David.)

This is like fucking sand in my teeth to say this, but, I think we're done my friends, so stop worrying about the wins and losses and just enjoy the games for what they are, the last moments of the beautiful summer game of baseball at the end of another season. Maybe the Sox aren't playoff bound this year, barring a miracle anyway, (see, I still hold out hope,) but you've still got another month to enjoy the games.

I'll be going to a game next week. Seems people don't want their seats so bad anymore and I was able to score a couple. I'll take the leftovers. Fuck yeah I will.

Even though the playoffs are just about out of reach at this point, I still can't wait to see that game at Fenway next week. Why? Because in the best times and in the bad times, I'm a Sox fan. Through thick and thin my friends. Fuck yeah.

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