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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

2 out of 3 ain't bad...

Ok, so the Red Sox did not get the sweep against the Other Sox tonight, losing by a score of 8-1, but come on, taking two out of three from this team is nothing to complain about.

I kind of expected the Sox to get their ass kicked in this series to be honest. I mean, obviously, I hoped the Red Sox would do good against the Other Sox, but I can't really say that I expected it to happen, especially when I saw that Kason Gabbard was pitching yesterday, but it was an enjoyable surprise to see him pitch so effectively in last night's game and get the win.

The good news is that The Twinkies also lost tonight to the Tampa Bay Devil Dogs, so we did not lose any ground to them in the Wildcard. The Sox remain at 6 games behind Minnesota.

Speaking of Minnesota, lets take a look at their schedule. They're playing some tough teams over the next few weeks: Detroit, Oakland, Chicago and of course, The Red Sox.

Chip, chip, chip. That's what the Sox need to keep doing. Just keep chipping away and try to gain a little ground with every series.

I'll be going to the Sox / K.C. game this Friday where some guy named Jarvis will be pitching for the Sox. Who? I don't know but I don't care. Now that the Sox are not as trendy anymore I've got some tickets to a game and I am psyched to be going to Fenway this year (psyched: that's my new over-used word these days by the way.) If you're heading to the game, let me know! Maybe we can have a beer outside of Fenway.

I wonder how much beers cost inside the park this year... When I went to the Pats pre-season game a few weeks ago, the beers were 7.50 inside the stadium. 7.50! Can you believe that?? 7.50 for a frikkin bottle of Bud! Phhht. Fuck. That.

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I wonder how much beers cost inside the park this year...

If my memory serves me correctly, $6.50 ($7.50 for Sam). Daylight robbery, even for someone like me who can't get Sam Adams within a 600-mile radius!

Holy crap dude. That is ridiculous. I wonder if teams are trying to curtail the drinking in stadiums by jacking up the beer prices so high. That is nutty koo-koo. I'll pay it though. I can't be inside Fenway and not have peanuts beer and hot-dogs... And they know it.

the sausages outside are the best - forget the dawgs! obvioulsy beer goes great w everything!

Have fun!

Standard operation is 1 sausage from 'The King' outside, 2 hot-dogs inside, 1 bag of peanuts. Plus the over-priced beers throughout ;)

nice new header! yumm

Thanks Kali! Glad you like it!

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