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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Next year...

I don't usually quote other sites, but Beth wrote this last night as the Sox were laying the smack down on the Birds, and I have to say, I was touched.

"This is, in a way, another dimension of appreciating 2004. This is another opportunity to savor it. This is exactly the kind of listless, hopeless, go-nowhere September night we knew it'd see us through. A listless, hopeless, go-nowhere September night on which no one can bring up Babe Ruth or 1918 or even Grady Little. I'm keeping that in mind."

I have not written about this yet, but last Friday, I was there and in person at Fenway, and last Friday, I watched and I cheered 'till my throat hurt and I clapped my hands 'till my palms hurt and I put my hat on backwards and inside-out and I rubbed my lucky Patriots socks as the Red Sox came back from a five run deficit, to take the lead in the game... only to have Mike Timlin come out and give up the go-ahead runs in the 9th as the Sox were eventually beaten by the K.C. Royals, 10-9.

That was the moment that I threw in the towel on this baseball season.

It's over, and for me, that is hard to say, but it's time to face the cold reality of it. It's over.

I bought a new Red Sox ball-cap that night after the game was over and I've got a feeling this one's got some luck in it. I have not taken it off, even though it's Patriots season. I'm getting it infused with some Patriots magic dust, see?

We'll get them next year.


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