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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pats / Bills - 1st Half thoughts...

Some quick thoughts on the Pats / Bills game at half-time:

17 - 7 Bills at the half. It's been frustrating to watch.

- Right off the bat, the radio broadcast on WBCN is totally out of sync with the TV broadcast. The play is over on the TV before the call even starts on the radio. I switched over to 102.1 (WAQY) out of Springfield and it is a lot better. It's still a little behind the play, but not horrible. I can at least watch the game with Gil and Gino calling it this way. You'd think the primary station, WBCN, would be right on and in sync with the plays, but, for some reason it's totally off. Whatever. 102.1 works and I can watch the game without having to listen to the boobs calling the game on the TV.

- The Pats offense is totally out of sync as well. The running game has shown some sparks here and there, but mostly seems to be inconsistent. The passing game looks awful right now. Brady is having balls batted down left and right and has narrowly avoided getting picked off on several occasions. Things were off to a bad start right out of the gates with Brady fumbling the ball on the opening drive. That resulted in a Bills TD less than 12 seconds into the game. Sheesh.

- Defense: After starting the game with some inconsistent play as well, they seemed to have shorn things up as the game has worn on. Early on, The Pats looked like they had the Bills stopped behind the line of scrimmage on several occasions but somehow The Bills have managed to make something out of it. The Pats seemed to have stopped that kind of stuff from happening as the 2nd Quarter got going.

- There's not much good to say right now. Thankfully, it's only half-time and there's time for The Pats to get back in this thing.

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OMG!!!!!! Was I pissed that the radio broadcast was like ten years behind the TV, but man, what a comeback!!!!!Brady just wasn't getting a chance to toss that ball- like you said, the whole team just looked out of it. Inconsistent. Oh well- no complaints here, they won! On another note, when I started watching the sox game, they were up 5-0, and now it's 5-3. maybe I should just shut it off....:(

I know I don't know what the deal is with the radio broadcast. I tried 100.1 as well and it was just as bad. 102.1 was the closest. I did not try any AM at all...

Good to get that 1st one out of the way! Jets and Eric Mangini next week...

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