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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A day off...

Hey gang. How's it going? I had today off from work and did not do much except hang around the house and help my Wife move some boxes around in the basement. She is a school teacher and has boxes and boxes of books. Those fuckers are heavy, l'll tell you what. And those cabinets and shelves are almost full.

I went to see Social D and The Supersuckers last night. Black Pool Lights was there too. All of the bands were really good. It was a fucking phenomenal show and I had a great time. I will write something up about it in the next day or so.

Some highlights included:
NOT getting lost driving in Boston (this may be the first time I've ever accomplished this feat.)

Made the Supersuckers t-shirt guy happy by buying him a Sam Adams. He was trying to talk me into buying a shirt, but I did not really have money for a shirt. He said then the least I could do was buy him a beer, so I said I would come back later with a beer for him, which, of course, I did. I'm a man of my word after all. But he was still happily surprised.

Oh and I met Eddie Spaghetti and thanked him for rockin' my ass steady.

Oh and of course Social D. They were there too. Fucking awesome. That pretty much goes without saying.

AND no tweaked or bent body parts. Just lots of tiredness from staying out past bedtime.

Speaking of which... it's about that time. So look for a painfully detailed synopsis of the show, probably tomorrow or so.

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hey Ernie, i don't know how close these places at this URL are. A page with a list of open mics and jam sessions in your area. So go look! And then show up at one! http://www.bostonblues.com/jams.htm

Hey Pril! Thanks I will check that out!!

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