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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another rainy Sunday...

It's another rainy Sunday here so I've been stuck inside, looking out the windows at the wetness, thinking about all the jobs I have to do outside. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

My kids are watching a movie and my Wife is painting the stairway that leads to the basement. I got it all sanded down last week, now it's her turn. She does the detail work.

I've been watching a little bit of the Jets / Colts game. It's a rare event, but I'm actually rooting for the Jets in this one. I have a strong dislike for Peyton Manning and even though the Jets are a division rival, I think a Colts loss would provide more benefit to The Patriots, as far as future playoff implications go.

One thing I have noticed so far this football season, that has kind of been bugging me, is the officiating in the games. I feel like the games are way too over-officiated right now. I feel like it has gotten to the point where the officials are now getting in the way of the game being played. I am not just talking about The Patriots games I've watched either. I'm seeing it all over the place. I've seen it just today in the Jets / Colts game. The slightest amount of contact by a Defensive Back on a Receiver seems to end up with a flag getting thrown for pass interference.

I know the rules in the NFL are skewed toward the offense, but come on, are teams no longer allowed to play defense anymore? Are you still allowed to try and stop a receiver from catching the ball? I thought football was a contact sport, but I'm seeing tons of rouging the passer calls, illegal contact calls, unnecessary roughness, etc etc.

Guys, it's football. People get hit in football. That is what the game is all about. The refs need to let the players play the game and get the hell out of the way with their damn yellow laundry.

Pats / Bengals at 4 o'clock. This game has me a little nervous. The Bengals are a good team and The Pats will have their hands full in this one. Tom Brady does not usually have bad back-to-back games and hopefully another week with his new receivers, as well as focusing on cleaning up the mistakes in the passing game will pay off. Hopefully the running game will get back on track this week as well.

Defensively, well, you know the drill. Stop the run and make them go to the air. Of course, as usual, half of our secondary seems to be injured, but isn't that the way it always seems to be for The Pats? At least now, after all the injuries this team has had in the secondary the last few years, the players that are coming in as replacements, like Hank Poteat, are practically regulars at this point, so hopefully there won't be too much of a drop off.

I used the word 'hopefully' a lot in those last few paragraphs, so how about one more. Hopefully The Pats will get the win today.


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