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Monday, October 30, 2006

Burn Brady Burn...

I'm watching the Pats / Vikes game and I'm a little hinky about posting this, for fear of jinx, but I have to say, Tom Brady and the Pats passing offense is absolutely EN-FUEGO to start this game. Brady has made one mistake so far that wound up as an interception for the Vikes. Other than that, Brady has been spectacular.

On Defense, The Pats have been on the attack, coming after The Vikes QB, Brad Johnson, and keeping the pressure on him, non-stop. The result, multiple interceptions for The Pats, including one that prevented The Vikes from getting points on the board.

Now we need to turn these turnovers into points of our own.

10-0 Pats in the 2nd. Feels like the score should be higher.

Ok. Not too many words on this. Don't want to break the spell...

More later.


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