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Monday, October 30, 2006

Nice win for The Pats vs The Vikings...

Going up against the #1 rushing defense in the league, The Pats countered and successfully went to the air in this game vs. The Vikes. Tom Brady has been spectacular, hooking up with multiple receivers and moving the ball down the field almost at will with the passing game. The Patriots' screen passes have been devastatingly good against The Vikes.

The Pats defense has been simply unrelenting in this game as well. They have been all over The Vikes' quarterbacks, applying non-stop pressure as well as stuffing the run.

9:14 left in the game and the score is 31-7, Pats. The Troy Brown / Pats reception record watch is down to one. One more catch and he has the Pats receiving record all to himself.

At this point, I'm looking for Brady to come out of the game. No need to keep him in there and risk injury at this point. The Vikes need 3 TDs and a field goal just to tie. With the way The Pats D is playing, I'd say that's highly unlikely with 8:30 left in the game... Highly unlikely.

I'd like to see Troy Brown get the receiving record before the game ends but if he doesn't, he'll get it next week in front of the home fans.

Under 5 min left in this one. The Pats made a statement in this game as we get ready for The Colts to come into The Razor next week. Cut that Meat.

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