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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm rooting for whoever is playing the Yankees...

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I'm compelled to break my own rules and get a quick post up here.

I've got my little baseball scoreboard updater thingy up on my compy screen and I'm keeping track of the MFY / Detroit game during my occasional visits to my desk.

1-0, Detroit in the 3rd. Obviously, I'm rooting for Detroit in this series, as my mantra for the entire playoffs will be, 'I'm rooting for whoever is playing The Yankees' until they are eliminated.

I hope Detroit is up to the task but my gut, which, god-dammit, is almost always right, tells me they are not. I hope they can at least make it go 5 games and wear out the MFY geriatric pitching staff.

My #2 team, The Twinkies, are on the brink of elimination against Oakland. Oakland has not been known for their ability to finish off teams that are down 0-2 during their last few post-season appearances (heh, I said 'finish off'. so immature), but they will probably accomplish that feat this time around against The Twins.

I'd almost rather see Oakland sweep the Twins at this point so they can rest up and get ready for the ALCS, but I don't know if Oakland has what it takes to beat The MFY either...

I am very nervous about this whole MLB post-season. The Yankees MUST be eliminated at some point, preferably before they can reach The World Series, but their eventual elimination is imperative.

The thought of tools like Giambi and A-Fraud wearing World Series rings, and Johnny Damon sporting a Sox ring and a MFY ring... well lets just say I don't want to talk about it anymore because my stomach is starting to get all burbley just thinking about it.

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