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Monday, October 02, 2006

Mondays are always better after a Patriots win...

What a difference a week makes. Last Monday, after The Pats were beaten by Denver, I was glum and depressed. This Monday, even though, well, it's Monday, I'm in a pretty good mood. A Patriots win on Sunday will do that for me.

Yes, I realize that it's not necessarily a good thing that the outcome of a football game can have a profound effect on my mood, but like it or not, that is the way it is.

The Pats looked good yesterday against the Bengals and I hope they will only continue to get better as the team continues to gel both on offense and defense. A win like yesterday's can be a big step in bonding the team and creating that special team-first attitude in the locker-room. You could tell that the 'us against them' mentality was already forming by reading some of the players comments. When you have guys like Tedy Bruschi saying things like (paraphrased), 'We know all we have are the people in this room,' you know the team is starting to come together.

Jarringly switching gears, I love how the sports media, ESPN in particular, seems to be falling all over itself to try and poke fun at some of the 'expert' picks that were made in the NFL's pre-season, as if they were not the ones that made those predictions in the first place. You know, the ones that have all turned out to be completely wrong? Yeah, those.

'Ha ha ha! Who were those fools who picked Miami to win the Superbowl this year? Miami is 1-3. What a bunch of dummies those NFL experts are. Ha ha h.. Oh. Wait. We made those picks? Ummmm... ahh. Yeah. Hmmm.'

It would be even more funny if Miami turned the tables on the 'experts' yet again and went on a little run over the next few weeks (when they're not playing The Patriots of course).

Stupid media.

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