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Friday, October 27, 2006

Parking lot insanity at Dunks

Every Friday I go to Dunkins for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. It's part of my Reward Friday ritual. My normal daily breakfast consists of a very boring bag of oatmeal, so on Fridays I get the tasty fat. I have my rituals and this is one of them and I don't like my rituals to be fucked with. Otherwise, I get cranky.

The Dunks that I happen to go to is one of those mini-Dunkins that live inside of a gas station, so there's not a lot of parking available and it can get pretty busy. Often times the line is out the door with people waiting for their fix.

Today I pull in and there is a car in front of me waiting to park. In front of that car, there is some dick in one of those extra long, double-cab full size bed pickup trucks taking his time leaving one of the parking spaces. He's in his truck, the engine is running, the reverse lights are on, but he's not moving. He's doing something in the cab of the truck and appears to be very busy. I think maybe he was re-arranging his CD's or something. I don't know, but when you're waiting for your Dunks fix and somebody is not getting out of your way in a timely fashion, patience is limited.

After several minutes, the guy in the pickup finally looks up into his rear-view mirror, notices there's like 3 cars waiting for his spot and proceeds to back out, except that by now, the parking lot is jammed up with cars waiting for spots, thanks to this guy and his extra-long truck. Did I mention that he did such a phenomenal job when he initially parked his vehicle that he managed to block about 3 spaces? Awesome. Totally fucking awesome.

He starts to back out and then stops abruptly, obviously unsure if he will be able to make it out with all of the cars waiting behind him. (For the record there was plenty of space for him to back out.) The cars waiting in line to park are now stacked up and there is a line of them going down the street at this point.

Pickup Guy then proceeds to do a 46 point turn in his long-ass truck so that he can pull straight out of the tiny parking lot and not have to back out, since he obviously has not mastered that skill. 

'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING GUY??' I said to no-one in particular as I watched this mind-boggling display of bad drivesmanship.

Eventually he makes it out of the space (to the sound of golf-clapping from several other drivers) and four cars immediately zip in to fill the void.

My day can continue now.

So, in summation:
- Don't make people wait for their Dunks fix in the morning while you decide what CD to listen to on your way to where-ever.

- Don't get behind the wheel of one of those extra full-size pickups if you don't have the necessary skills to actually drive it.

Thank you.


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Funny that you would post a car-related gripe today. So did I.

Normally I am fairly calm when driving, in comparison to other Massachusetts drivers anyway. Just don't get between me and my Reward Friday sausage egg and cheese sammitch. Har.

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