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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yankees lose, Patriots win. Yay!

Ok, I could not say this until now but, REVERSE JINX!! Ha ha! It worked!

All that time I was going along saying that Detroit could not beat the Yankees and how if The Tigers lost, the A's could not beat the Yankees, it was the classic, 'Reverse Jinx'. And it worked. And I am happy.

My Wife is happy too because my 'Yankee Elimination' beard was getting really scruffy.

Now we can enjoy the rest of the MLB playoffs in peace, which is nice, but there's one thing I've gotta say about the baseball playoffs that really bugs me though. What is with all the champagne in the MLB playoffs? They love to pop the cork in baseball don't they?

There's a champagne shower for making it into the playoffs, then a champagne shower for each series win. I don't get that. I mean, I'm sure it's fun and all but here's the thing, YOU HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING YET!!

Do you ever see this in any other sport? You don't see people popping open the bubbly for advancing into the next round in hockey or football and I'm pretty sure it does not happen in basketball.

The champagne should not come out until you have won the championship and you're walking off the field / ice / court with the trophy held high over your head. That's just what I think.

The Pats got the 20-10 win against The Fish today to improve their overall record to 4-1. Meanwhile, The Bills and Jets both lost their games, so The Pats continue to pull away from the rest of the AFC East.

Todays' game was pretty much low stress for me. I had a good feeling about this one all week going in and even though The Patriots were facing The Fish, who always play The Pats tough, I was never really worried about this game, even when, at one point in the game, it was only a 3 point Patriots lead.

That is very unusual for me. Usually I'm acting like a maniac during games, but today I was quite calm throughout the entire game. I had the Lucky Pats Beer Mug and my lucky Patriots socks and my confidence in the Pats ability to get the win. It was quite zen-like. Ohhhhhmmmm.

The Pats running game was not really there this week, and the passing game was not spectacular but the bottom line is they got the job done. Kevin Faulk fumbled the ball on a return at one point in the game, which I was not happy to see, but that is Faulk. He has a tendency to fumble every now and then. Thankfully there was no damage done.

On the other hand, The Pats were able to take advantage of several Miami turnovers and turn them into points and that was pretty much the game. Overall I thought it was a good win for The Patriots heading into a bye week.

I watched some of the Philly / Dallas game. It was looking like Dallas was going to get a game-tying touchdown in the closing seconds of the game, but Dallas QB Drew Bledsoe had the ball intercepted in the end-zone and Philly took it all the way back for a back-breaking TD. Too bad for Drew. I kinda felt bad for him. Oh well.

I saw that Indy managed to beat Tennessee in that game, 14-13. Tennessee gave The Colts a game there. I was hoping Tennessee would hand Indianapolis their first loss. Disappointing.

I was surprised to see Green Bay take the 23-20 loss to St. Louis today and I was also surprised to see The J-E-T-S get annihilated by Jacksonville, 41-0. Oakland lost again by a score of 34-20 to San Fran and now they are sitting at 0-4. Good.

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