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Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Friday! Don't forget about Valour IT!

Hey what's up innerwebinstangs. (I just made that word up.)

Hope you're having a great Friday! I just wanted to post a reminder here not to forget about VALOUR-IT!

This is a great program that will directly help a U.S. Soldier who has been injured while defending OUR country, and YOUR freedom. So take a second and click on the link there to the right at the top of the page and send some money to help support Valour-IT. It does not matter how much. Five, ten, twenty bucks... whatever you can spare.

Instead of getting a pizza tonight, put the money towards a voice-controlled computer that will go an American Soldier who can't use their hands right now, that will allow them to communicate with their family, friends and compatriots still in the field.

That's right. I'm guilting you. Do it.

(And Thank you!)


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