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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pats / Colts: 1st Half...

Some quick Pats / Colts thoughts at half-time...

The first half was not what I would call stressful. Frustrating is probably a better term to use. The Pats inability to stop the Colts passing game was very tough to see. I honestly thought that The Patriots would be able to do a better job against the Colts receivers, but The Colts are marching down the field with every possession.

The Pats looked good offensively. The running game has done a great job and there have been several big catches by The Pats receivers to move the chains.

Obviously, turnovers are the big thing The Patriots have to stop. The Colts have two interceptions and one of them led to a quick seven for Indy. The second one was because of a tipped ball, but still, it prevented the Patriots from scoring or possibly taking the lead.

Some of the penalties in the game so far have been ridiculous, but none was worse than the 'taunting' penalty called on Troy Brown. That was a total B.S. call if ever there was one.

Rodney Harrison has been out for most of the 1st Half after sustaining an arm injury. I hope he can come back in the 2nd half. The Patriots secondary seemed to be doing a better job with him in there, but if he can't get back in the game, the rest of the Patriots defense is going to have to step up...

Now The Pats are kicking off to the Colts. Let's hope The Pats can make things a little more difficult for The Colts... Have I mentioned that my extreme dislike for Peyton Manning continues to grow almost every season. I friggin can not stand that guy. I hope the Pats can get some turnovers off of him in this 2nd half...

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