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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pats / Colts: 2nd Half thoughts as we go...

Some of these penalties are absolutely ridiculous. Hands to the face on Pats linebacker Mike Vrable? Hmm on the replay Vrablel's hands were on the guy's shoulders. I did not know shoulders=face. That ref #14, I don't know his name, I think he needs his prescription checked. I think he was the same guy who called 'taunting' on Troy Brown. Idiot ref...

Adam Vinatieri misses his first field goal attempt of the year. Ha-HA!!

Another turnover by The Patriots. This time Dillon coughed up the ball. I can't believe the Pats just keep giving the ball to Indy's offense like this. This game will be lost on these turnovers. Sickening... The Patriots Defense really needs turn up the heat and get a turnover themselves... A sack of Manning and then an incomplete pass results in a punt. At least The Colts did not get points this time. The score remains 17-14, Colts...

Time to stop typing for a while and concentrate on the game...

End of the 3rd. Colts went up by 10. Pats got 3 back to pull to within 7. They could have gotten more but a sure fire TD pass was tipped away by The Colts and then the rookie, I'm not going to bother trying to spell it right, Pats kicker shanked the field goal attempt wide right...

4th Q. 24-17, Colts. Time to dig in Patriots. You're only down by 7 here. Get it back. Penalties and turnovers are killing The Patriots. We need to play clean for the remainder of this thing to have a chance...

INTERCEPTION PATRIOTS!! With the Colts driving for a potential back-breaking score. The Pats pick Manning off. Now we need to get this thing tied up. NOW.

Dammit another tipped ball results in yet another turnover for The Patriots. That makes 4 turnovers in this game. Turnovers. Penalties. The clean game I was hoping for is not happening. 10 and change left in the game and the Colts are driving, as they have been all night. I hope the Pats can hold them to a field goal here... Damn this has been a frustrating game for Patriots Fans.

The Pats stopped The Colts on 3rd down and The Colts boot a field goal. 27-17, Colts. Not out of reach, yet, but The Patriots need to score a TD here and pull this thing to within 3. I'm trying to contain the stress in this game but it has not been easy. I've been clutching The Lucky Patriots Fleece Blanket.

I take these games to seriously. Dammit.

The Pats got a field goal to cut it back to 7 points. 6 and change left in the game. Not much time left. It's basically on the defense at this point to get the ball back into the hands of the offense as quickly as possible. No more posts till it's over. I could be in a bad mood tomorrow...

Well the game is over and The Patriots have fallen to The Colts, 27-20. Fuck. There's not much to say in this one except that there were 5 Patriots turnovers in this game and that cost them the game. Granted, several of Brady's interceptions came on tipped balls, including the final one, which came with The Pats trying to drive for a tying score, but that does not matter. A turnover is a turnover and that is what cost The Patriots the game. The numerous penalties against The Patriots did not help. Many of them came on 3rd down where they had The Colts stopped, but instead allowed their drives to continue.

There's not much else to say. Did I mention, fuck. Oh and I will be in a shitty mood tomorrow. This loss effectively puts The Pats in 3rd place or somewhere thereabouts in the AFC, depending on tie breakers and all that. The good thing is that there are 8 games left in the season (This is where I try to make myself feel better, in case you can't tell.) and there is plenty of opportunity there for The Pats to make a run at one of the top two playoff seeds. But in the meantime, dammit.

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