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Monday, November 06, 2006

Recockulous turnovers cost Pats...

Monday AM. I'm still stinging from last night's Pats loss to the increasingly hated Colts. Yea, I know it's just a game. Easy for you to say.

My Wife came downstairs as I was getting ready for work this morning and asked, 'so, how did it go.'

'They lost.' I replied flatly.

'I had a feeling. It did not sound too good,' she said.

Yes, I can get quite vocal during games, especially when my team is continually wasting scoring chances by turning over the ball. And that is what gets under my skin more than anything, not so much that The Pats got beat, because I don't expect them to go 16-0 during the regular season, it's the way that they lost.

That was a completely winnable game for The Patriots last night, but the story of the game is the 5 Patriot turnovers. The excuse everyone will be using today is that some of those INTs were tipped balls, but that does not matter. It's on Brady just as much as it is on the receiver. Brady needs to put the ball in a spot where the receiver can cleanly make the catch, and not have to try to jump, stretch and contort himself to make some kind of miracle grab. That's how balls get tipped up in the air like a volleyball, just waiting for a defender to grab it.

Even with all the mistakes, penalties, dropped and tipped balls that went right into the hands of The Colts, The Pats were there at the end of the game and they had a chance to tie the score in the final two minutes, but in the end they could not overcome their own mistakes as the game ended with a final, deflating turnover on a tipped ball interception. Don't call it a comeback.

The bottom line is, I can bitch about last night all I want, but that is not going to change the final score. Today is going to be my usual, 'bitchy after a Patriots loss so don't bug me' day, then tomorrow it's time to suck it up and get back to business.

Like I said last night after the game, there's still half a season in front of us and a lot of things can and will happen during the next eight games. The Pats can practically seal up the AFC East with a win over The Jets this upcoming Sunday, so I'll be looking ahead to that.

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Today is going to be my usual, 'bitchy after a Patriots loss so don't bug me' day

It's on days like these that I'm glad I don't follow any other sports teams than the Red Sox. I hate there being no baseball, but I do enjoy the five months free of stress!

That's the thing about football. It's not like baseball where if your team loses, you have another game to look forward to the next day to make everything right with the world again.

In football you have to live with a loss for a whole week. And it eats away at you, gnawing at your insides. Ok, maybe it's not that bad but it does suck when The Patriots lose. :P

In football you have to live with a loss for a whole week.

I know - been there and done that. I agree that that's the beauty of baseball. As Earl Weaver (I think) said: "This ain't football, we do this every day."

"Today is going to be my usual, 'bitchy after a Patriots loss so don't bug me' day"

replace "patriots" with "steelers" and you've described how i've felt for the last 6 weeks perfectly.

i'm actually pulling for you guys to win the afc.

Yeah I am sure it is rough for Steelers fans to watch this season. But thanks for rooting for The Pats in the AFC! That is cool.

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