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Monday, December 18, 2006

Seems I've rowdied on down...

I did not start the day by spilling spaghetti sauce all over myself today so, even though it was a Monday, I'll take that as an improvement over last Friday. This is the last week before I go on vacation for the Christmas break, so hopefully the week does not crawl by too badly. I am working on finishing up a project at work so that should hopefully help the week go by quick.

This past weekend was pretty good. My Wife and I went out to a Holiday Party for Grown-Ups at a neighbors house. It was a lot of fun. Had a few beers, a few whiskeys, some munchies... got to spend some time with my Wife without someone tugging at either of us. My neighbors have this party every year and usually every year, I wake up with an absolute killer hang-over the next day. That is because at the end of the night, they usually break out the pain in a bottle, McGillicuttys peppermint schnapps, Jager, that kind of stuff. They'll do shots of McGillicuttys then follow it with a shot of Jager... Followed by a shot of Sambuca or something. It's a little nutty-koo-koo.

This year I did not get involved with the mixing of insane bottled death. I stuck with strictly whiskey and beer all night and was fine the next day. I took a little shit for not downing the cup of Jager somebody gave me, but I did not care. I did not even like that shit when some half naked chick at a bar would hand me a test-tube of that stuff, never mind some over 40 year old guy in a sweater...

Sunday, I was sleepy but not in pain. Mission accomplished. Like Hank Jr. says, 'The Hangovers hurt more than they used to, and Corn-Bread and Iced-Tea's took the place of Pills and 90 Proof...'

On Sunday, My Wife, my Mom and I took the Kids out shopping for their first pair of ice-skates. We got the Kids some helmets and some hockey sticks too. I had a nice, memorable 'Dad' moment there when I checked their skates out to make sure they fit right, and I showed them how to hold the hockey sticks the right way and how to handle the puck. That was a great feeling. I felt like a Dad.

The place where we got the skates was right down the street from an apartment my Wife and I used to live in so we showed the Kids the old apartment, where we used to live, before we had them.

On the way home, in a used car parking lot, I saw a '72 Datsun 240Z for sale. At a glance, as we drove by, it looked to be in excellent condition. When I was 16, the 240Z was my dream car. I was saving up for one but I never got it. I was working as a dishwasher and I had about $1000 dollars saved up. I wound up using the money I had saved to get a car sooner rather than later, a 77 Chevy Nova. It probably would have taken me another two years to save for the Z washing dishes, but to this day I've always wished I had waited and saved up for the Datsun.

Datsun 240Z

I suggested to my Wife that the used 240Z would make a nice Christmas present for me if she was looking for a last minute gift... She just laughed. Plus, apparently she thinks the 240Z is 'ugly', to which I could only reply, WHAT?? The car of my teenage dreams? Ugly?? Dang women.

Either way, I guess that means I still won't be getting the 240Z anytime soon.


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hahah - the grey ghost lives!!!

how much do the 240Z go for now adays? You probably could have sold it for a profit!

I think at this point The Grey Ghost only lives on in aluminum cans.

(The Grey Ghost was the nickname I had for my old car because it was a scintillating 'primer gray' color.)

I have no idea what a 240Z goes for these days. Whatever it is, it's more than I can afford... :P

Looks like a 240Z in perfect condition you can pick up on ebay for 13k or you can pick up the 240Z lawn display version for $250.00

Cool no problem. I'm sure I have 13K of change lying around in my sofa cushions and between my car seats... ;)

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