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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rocky Balboa DVD won't play in my DVD player...

I got the movie 'Rocky Balboa' in the mail from Netflix the other day. I was pretty psyched about it because I had been looking forward to seeing that one ever since it had been out in the theaters. (I don't get out to movies anymore. I watch all my movies through Netflix these days.)

We popped the DVD into the player and got ready for the famous opening theme music and the word 'ROCKY' to start scrolling slowly across the screen. Instead all we got was a blue screen on the TV and a 'disk err' on the DVD display. I took the disk out, cleaned it and tried it again. Same thing.


I was bummed. I had been looking forward to sitting down and watching 'Rocky Balboa' ever since it had arrived in the mail last week. Figuring it was a bad disk, I sent it back and waited for the replacement disk.

We got replacement disk the other day and last night we tried it out. It turns out the replacement disk has the same exact problem as the first disk. When I put it in the player all I get is a 'Disk Err' on the display. What is up with that? I am wondering if maybe there was a bad lot of 'Rocky Balboa' disks from the manufacturer or something.

Oddly enough, the disk played fine in my computer's DVD player and every other disk I put into my living-room DVD player plays fine.. so what is going on here? My DVD player is only a few years old and I have never had this problem with a DVD before. This is the first time I have run into this.

I hope there is not some new format or encoding technique that is being used for DVDs that is going to start causing me problems...

I've got a 3rd 'Rocky Balboa' disk headed my way, but I have a bad feeling that I'm going to have the same problem with it... we'll see. I might have to watch it on my computer if I want to find out what happens to Rocky.

Just out of curiosity, if anyone else has run into this problem, I would be interested to hear about it, especially if you found out what the cause of the problem was. Thanks internest.


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Oh no! I have Rocky on the way from Netflix for the weekend and now I'm worried. It's *the worst* when you get all psyched up for a dvd and then it doesn't play. I hope the third one works for you!

I did a little Googling ... looks like some of the guys on the DVD ripper forums have been having some issues as well. There might be a bad batch of discs out there.

Thanks Kristin! I hope you don't run into this problem!

Cullen thanks for checking that out! Very cool of you to do that.

Hopefully disk #3 works ok. [crosses fingers] If not, well hopefully it's just a one time thing with this particular movie and this does not start to become a regular problem with DVDs... Cuz that would fully suck.

I had the same problem with Rocky. The day before, I had to exchange a copy of "The Pursuit of Happyness," due to same problem. The exchanged DVD also did not work.

Both DVD's were Dolby Digital, yet with a notation I have not seen before. Each was "Mastered in High Definition."

All other DVD's have worked well in this high-end Toshiba player.

Beats me !!!!

Hmmm. Persuit of Happyness played ok for me. So far the only problem has been with Rocky Balboa so far...

I noticed I get a lot of search engine referrals coming here so, here's what I found out. This is information from my DVD player's manufacturer, Kenwood.

There is a problem with the encryption on certain Sony Pictures DVD's including 'Rocky Balboa' and this is preventing them from playing in some DVD players.

The problem is with the DVD disks. Basically the DVD disks are defective and that's why they won't play. It is NOT a problem with the DVD player.

Sony Pictures' support line is (800-860-2878).

Hope this helps!

Its a dvd player issue... I have an upconverting dvd player 3 years old, everythign works fine except most of the netflix movies.. they play fine on my 20$ dvd player, but not on my home theater system... guess I'm not the only one.. they're probably burning dvd-r's or something like that...

My DVD player is 5 years old. We rent movies from netflix every week and I have never had any problems like this with any of the other dvd's I get from netflix.. Maybe you are signed up for the wrong format or something. Sorry.

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