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Friday, June 15, 2007

It's just not Friday without my Dunkin's sammitch in the morning..

Earlier this morning I walked out the door, jumped in the car and drove off, completely oblivious to the fact that my wallet was still sitting on the kitchen table. By the time I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home I was already half-way to work, so I am Dunkin's sammitch-less today.

It feels very, very weird not having my Dunkin's sammtich this morning. My Reward Friday routine is fully disrupted.

Thankfully I have plenty of gas in the car to get home because that is totally something I would do, walk out the door without my wallet and discover that it is missing when the 'hey dummy you're almost out of gas' light came on in my car..

In other un-interesting news, today is a half-day for me and I am leaving the office early! Woop! (Half-day? Must be nice...)

Today my kids are 'graduating' from pre-school and this afternoon the school is having a kid's parade to celebrate, so I will be heading out to see that extravaganza. I am not really sure why pre-schoolers need a graduation ceremony / parade, but they have fun with it so there you go. Good enough for me. And if it gets me out of work early on a Friday? Bonus!

Have a good weekend. Hopefully the Red Sox can remember how to win a game or two against The Giants over the next few days. It's Zito vs. Yo-Yo Tavarez tonight, or as I call it, Wack-job A vs. Wack-job B. Hopefully the Red Sox will come out on top in this battle of wack jobs. (Why does that sentence read as somewhat questionable to me? Hmmm. I can't wait to see how that phrase affects my search engine referrals. Phht.)


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Awe, a little pre-school graduation. That's cute. We have all that kind of stuff in my newspaper and all the kids get so super excited when they see their pictures in the paper.

FYI, I have just completed week 2 of my no Dunkin Donuts plan and I don't miss it at all. I hope the girls at my Dunkin Donuts don't worry about my whereabouts.

Thanks Ang that is nice :-)

I only go to Dunkin's once a week so it's like my reward for a long week at work and stuff. I guess I could live without it if I had to but, I need my once a week somethin somethin!!

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