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Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm not really into stats but still...

Did you know that this site averages the same amount of hits per day regardless of whether I write anything here or not?

Something about that strikes me as kind of lame.

The fact is I've kind of lost interest in this site and I am often finding myself wondering why I even bother with it. When I think of all the time I have spent on this thing that I could have spent getting better at playing my guitar, reading a book or just hanging out with my kids, I feel a little stupid. Like what the hell was I thinking? I'm not saying this thing is a total waste but I'm feeling like it's pretty close.

Gone Fishin...Maybe it's just the weather. I mean it's too damn nice out right now to want to waste time sitting in front of the keyboard typing stuff. I'd much rather be on-line with a large-mouth bass this time of year.

Anyway the site is paid for and all that so it's not going away, but don't be surprised if the updates are sporadic over the summer. If something exciting or noteworthy happens I may become inspired to write about it. Then again maybe I won't. I know that's a killer way to decrease your site traffic, telling people you're not going to be around that much, but as the statistics prove, it doesn't really matter that much anyway.

In the meantime if anybody asks tell them I've gone fishin' or something.

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A couple things:

1) I hear you: I also get a bit discouraged from time to time; my interest in blogging waxes and wanes depending on a lot of things. It's nice to see your hits increase and stuff, but at the end of the day I know that there are a few dedicated people - mainly friends - who read what I have to say and I'm mainly blogging for myself anyway. Some kind of expression, typing out my thoughts, keeping book reviews archived; whatever it might be.

2) On a more technical note, are you just looking at the average or at each individual day since you last posted? Because I've noticed my average has been fairly constant, although when I take a look at the actual days it goes in spikes and valleys - posts and lack of posts - that even out over time.

3) I agree though, spend the summer outside as much as possible! But spend those rainy days (and slow office days?) blogging, because you do have fans!

Keep it up, Ernie

Thanks MRhé. Good of you to say. I appreciate it.

I will still be around but I am going to be spending a lot more of the time that used be spent on de blog doing other more 'fulfilling' activities like playing the guitar, taking walks, fishing, reading books, etc that's all. You know, real life? :-)

Hey Ernie,
I definitely understand. My blogging wanes in the summer too. It's too darn nice outside to sit in front of a computer for too long!

At the same time though, your blog is fun to read, so don't go fishing for too long! ( :

BOO! I kid. there's really not much to say until football season anyway. :D Have a good summer!

Thanks you guys. You rule.

And don't worry I won't fall completely off the face of the inter-ma-thingy :-)

yep, it is tough to keep at it when the weather is so nice - tha is when i wish i had a small hand held so i can sit outside somewhere and do stuff on the fly....

tks for the update though - i was wondering if you were going to write about your trip for NASCAR.... did you have fun?

When I am outside the only thing I want to do on-line on the fly is cast my lure into the water. :)

I went to the race in Loudon N.H. last Sat and had fun. Mucho good time.

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