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Friday, August 31, 2007

Harrison to be suspended for human growth hormone. WTF!!

I just read the news about Rodney Harrison's imminent suspension over the use of human growth hormone. All I can say is what the fuck dude? WHAT THE FUCK!! We fucking need you out there and now you're going to be out for the whole month of September?? What the fuck were you thinking bro??? What the fuck!!@@@#@!

I really don't know what to say. I'm all messed up over this and I'll just keep dropping f-bombs if I continue. I have nothing coherent to say about it.

Totally upset with Harrison right now....!!! FUCK

Friday Fun: NFL Predictions using Star Wars characters...

I found this online and thought it was friggin' hilarious. It's the NFL 2007 season predictions using Star Wars characters. It definitely made me LOL. And it's from a COLTS fan of all things. Who knew Colts fans had a sense of humor? WOW!

The best one is the Atlanta Falcons being equivalent to Han Solo frozen in carbonite. "You couldn't be more screwed."

That one made me laugh out loud.

Ok I guess how funny it is depends on your Star Wars geekiness level, but as someone who could at one time answer all the questions in the Jedi Master's Quiz-Book WITHOUT LOOKING THEM UP, I thought it was pretty funny. So there you go.

Even though last night's Patriots pre-season finale featured only backup players and practice squad hopefuls, I still thought it was a pretty entertaining game to watch. There was nothing on the line as far as the outcome of the game, but there was plenty on the line as far as who was going to make the team, and that made for a pretty competitive game. The Pats backups played well against the Giants #1s at the start of the game and that was good to see. With a shot at making the team on the line, guys were going all out to show what they had to the coaches.

The lack of stress while watching the game was nice, though at one point my Wife berated me for a lack of enthusiasm after a Patriots touchdown. After the Pats first trip to the end-zone I just raised my arms from my prone position on the couch. 'Yaay, Touchdown!' I said calmly.

'What, no running around the room?' my Wife chirped, 'You better get it in gear'.

I then got up and made my ritualistic Touchdown Run, which consists of a number of laps around the house. I did not shake my ass for her and do my Touchdown Dance at the end though, I just went back and laid back down on the couch.

'I don't know about that run,' she said. 'Not a lot of energy there..'

'Hey it's pre-season', I said from my spot on the couch. 'I'll be 100% ready when the real thing starts.'


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thank God it's Thur. Wed was not horrible but not the greatest day ever either..

Well that did not work out nearly as I had hoped last night, with the Red Sox dropping another game to the MFY, 4-3. It was not an enjoyable game to watch in any way shape or form, except for the exception of A-Rod getting thrown out 7-4-3 at first by Hinske / Pedroia and Youk's 2 run homer which was nice but just served to get us all worked up over nothing. Just when it looked like The Sox were mounting a comeback, in came the Fruit Bat and that was that. The game ended with Ortiz standing in the on-deck circle. Dammit.

Oh well.

I have faith in Shilling getting the job done this afternoon. To be totally honest I had a feeling even before this MFY series started that The Sox would come out of NY 7 games up. Hopefully my gut is correct.

The Pats cut rookie punter Danny Baugher and signed veteran punter Chris Hanson, who has spent the majority of his career with the Jags and has consistently kicked for a 40+ yard average throughout his career.. I have to say that move had me scratching my head as I thought that Baugher had done a good job during pre-season. Maybe The Pats wanted to have an experienced punter on the squad to start the season, or maybe they are planning to have Hanson act as a mentor of sorts to Baugher, who could be back on The Pats as a practice squad guy. I thought this was kind of a strange move, but then who am I to question what The Patriots do? They know what they're doing. I'm just some dumb-ass who reads what's going on with the team on the interewarg.

The Pats play the fourth and final pre-season game tonight against the Giants. Tonight's key to the game: NO INJURIES. Football Gods, you know how awesome you are but I'll tell you anyway, you are awesome and chicks totally dig you while men want to be you. Thank you Football Gods.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What day is it today? I don't even know..

I think I'm a little frazzled these days. Last night I was watching the Sox / Yankees game and I was fretting about what I was going to do today, because Beckett is facing Clemens tonight, and that is something I really want to see, but at the same time, for some reason I thought the Patriots were playing tonight, not tomorrow night, and I was in a bit of an internal struggle. 'Which one do I watch, The Pats or The Sox? I have a feeling Beckett vs. Clemens is going to be something to see, but the fact is, it's coming into direct scheduling conflict with The Pats game.'

Of course, The Patriots would have won out, pre-season game or not, with lots of clicking back and forth between the two games to ensue.

Thankfully I woke up this morning and realized that today is in fact, WEDNESDAY and The Patriots game is TOMORROW. Whew. I am glad to have that problem solved. Now I can get on with my day..

Fuck. Now I have to get on with my day..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Numbers games...

The Sox:
The Red Sox @ The Other Sox game got rained out last night. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not sure. On one hand I guess it's nice the team got a day of rest, sort of. On the other hand, now they have to play two today, so I'm not sure if that day of semi-rest is worth the price they now have to pay.

The Other Sox have been playing very badly over the last few weeks, losing 9 out of the last 11 games. Hopefully that trend continues over the next few days...

The Pats:
Rumors are flying that cornerback Asante Samuel is set to finally give in and sign that rotten 7 mil and change contract offer from The Patriots. Yawn.. It's not official 'till I read it on Patriots.com. Until then, it's all just rumor and conjecture. That's all I have to say about it.

The Pats are in Carolina for meaningless pre-season game 3 tonight. Will Tom Brady be there, just a few days after the birth of his first child? Selfishly, I hope he will, but if he's not, that is totally ok by me. You get to be a Daddy for the first time only once. Tom will still be a good quarterback if he misses a meaningless pre-season game. I hope all is well with his new baby.

Mark Martin, a.k.a. my favorite driver, in the #8?? Now my head is really spinning. Although it would have been nice if Dale Jr. could have kept the #8, I was not really all that up in arms about it, and I really feel that it's probably better for Jr. to start fresh and create his own legacy with his own number. Drivers change numbers all the time and a bunch of my favorite drivers are now running different numbers, drivers like Mark Martin and Bobby LaBonte just to name a couple. Drivers move around to different teams and drivers change numbers. No biggie. But when I read that Mark Martin would be splitting time in the #8 next year, I could not help but go, 'Wha??' It might take a bit for me to get my head around that one. Mark Martin in the DEI #8 car. I don't think it's bad mind you, just... weird.

"Long live rock'n'roll and long live fun"... on a Friday

This is awesome.

Link: SPIN.com: Riverboat Gamblers Seek Revenge.

I saw the Riverboat Gamblers open for X and Rollins a while back and more recently I saw Valient Thorr open up for Fu Manchu. Both bands are really fun to see live. The Gamblers have some great songs and they are all over the place on the stage. They're up, they're down, they're all around. Lots of fun. Valient Thorr is a very, ahem, 'unique' band, mainly because their lead singer is somewhat out of his mind.. And I mean that in a good way. Plus, they rock.

Unfortunately I missed seeing the both of them together the other night at Harpers Ferry, as I just found out the day of the show that they would be there. Dang, that would have been a good one to see. I like both of those bands. Oh well. Maybe they'll be back around..

Click on the Volcom Tour link to see the other hijinx that have been going on with those two bands. There's a little practical joke war going on with those guys and it's pretty funny. I wonder if any further practical joking happened at Harpers Ferry Wed night.. I guess I'll never know.

Thankfully I got in the know plenty early for this one:

Nov 17 (A Saturday! Woop!)

Boston MA

The Roxy

Rev Horton Heat, HANK III, Nashville Pussy

Can I get a hells yeah? Hells yeah.

I'll be there to see Hank III. The rest is just gravy, but it should be a nice, thick and chunky gravy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Odds of The Red Sox making the playoffs are now at 95.318%...

The Red Sox have a 95.318% chance of making the playoffs. I'd say that's pretty good. So despite their up again, down again lead in the A.L. East, I am confident that the Sox will be playing baseball in October.

How do I know that the Sox have a 95.318% chance of making the playoffs you may ask?

It's because of this super-cools website, SPORTS CLUB STATS.com.

Sports Club Stats' creator, Ken Roberts, e-mailed me a while back to let me know about his site and I have been extremely delinquent in getting the word out about it. (Sorry Ken!! I think you e-mailed me back when I was sick of blwgging... which also coincided with the start of summer. Doh!)

So where do these percentages come from and how are they calculated? From the site:

"I wrote a computer program that randomly generates results for each remaining game. Then it tallies each team's position and repeats, millions of times. When the simulation "plays" a game it assumes each team has an equal chance of winning, with no regard for record, injuries, matchups, or streaks. To help flush out each teams highest and lowest possible seeds, I force them to win or lose all their remaining games for 1000 of the simulation runs."

Sounds like math to me, and that's impressive. All I know is that it's really cool. Thank God Ken is good at math and stuff so I don't have to be, because it gives me fits watching the Red Sox lead in the A.L. East go from fifteen games to six games to four games to six games (let's hope for seven!), back down to four, on a daily basis.. It's much more assuring to see that the Red Sox have a 95% chance of making the playoffs and that the MFY only have a 35.329% chance.

Me likey.

So, there you have it. Ken does other sports besides baseball. He also calculates the playoff chances for The NFL, NBA, NHL, etc, as well as various racing leagues. For example, I see that Dale Jr. now only has a 8.839% chance of making the NASCAR Chase for the Championship, while Kurt Busch has a 91.35% chance. That sucks! I hate Kurt Busch. Maybe if DEI's engines could actually run for an entire race and not blow up or if the power steering in Dale's cars would stay on, or if Jr. would not over-shoot his pit during critical stops, he would have a better chance of getting into the Chase. Oh well.

So stop fretting about The Red Sox magic number (now down to 31). Check out SPORTS CLUB STATS.com.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My new favorite website in the whole world wide web...

Basic Instructions: Your all-inclusive guide to a life well lived.

Awesome. Totally awesome. And funny.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pats / Titans pre-season game 2: 'I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for a while..'

Here are a few tidbits from the meaningless Patriots / Titans pre-season game I attended last Friday with my Wife, my Dad and my Sister-In-Law, but first, a tired mini-rant on the cost of attending a live professional sporting event that I'm sure you've heard many times before..

Tickets: $75.00 face value for this pre-season game, section 327, i.e. the upper tier, i.e where the lights are, i.e. the highest point in the stadium. 75 bucks for a game that does not count and the starters don't even play the entire game. Not to mention the fact that the seats are in the nosebleed section of the stadium. What would it cost to sit in the lower sections? I can only guess, but I have to assume the price gets higher the closer you get to the field.

Parking: $40.00 for Gillette Stadium parking. 40 bucks! To park at the stadium! This was not some independent lot trying to make a buck. This was to park in the Gillette Stadium parking lots. You would think maybe you'd get a break to park at the stadium since you just paid $75 or more just to go to the game. Granted, I am a known cheap-skate, I am fully aware of this, but doesn't charging you $40 dollars to park your car on top of the $75 you paid for your seat in the stands seem kind of like, over the top you're getting fucked? Maybe it's just me. Either way, you have to suck it up and pay it because that's just the way it is.

Granted most people arrive with multiple people in their vehicles, so the cost is distributed. We had 4 people so it came out to $10 each, which is much easier to swallow. I'll also note the fact that most people will spend hours in the lots tailgating before and after the game, so you do actually get something out of your parking spot besides just, parking.

Despite all that I still feel like $40 dollars to park at Gillette is too much and I don't like it. So there.

Beer: Ok. It was $7.50 for a plastic bottle of Bud Light. I was not paying 7.50 for a bottle of water that had a beer-like taste. Thankfully, they also had Bass and Guinness on tap and you could get it in a 'large' cup for $10.00. Well, I figured for the extra 2.50 I may as well get an actual beer, so I paid 10 dollars for a cup of Guinness. At least it was real, draft Guinness and not one of those deals where they open one of those jet-powered Guinness cans and pour it into a cup. I hate when they do that.

If we total the base amount up, it cost me, as an individual, $95 dollars to go see a meaningless Patriots pre-season game, sit in the upper, upper section and have one beer. Note that I did not buy any food inside the stadium or we'd be looking at over $100.

Someday I'd like to take my kids to a Patriots game. I have 3 kids and I'd like to bring my Wife to the game too. So to hypothetically take my family to a single Patriots game, at today's prices, it would cost me roughly $500.00.

I'm sorry but that is just wrong. This is becoming a rich man’s game.

Now, onto the game itself:

Route 495 south going toward Foxboro is a disaster right now due to the construction work being done, so we took all back roads to Foxboro. We arrived at The Razor about 40 min before kickoff. Just as we were pulling into our $40 parking space, the skies went from sunny and pleasant to ominous and dark. Moments later, lightning was flashing and rain was pouring from the skies. ‘Well this is going to be fun’. I thought. Adding to the unpleasantness was the fact that neither my Wife, nor my Sister-In-Law had brought any rain gear. I had a light, water repellent jacket with me. I was all ready to hand it to my wife and get soaked myself. Thankfully my Dad had some ponchos stashed away in one of the corners of the Shaggin Waggon or it would not have been a very fun game at all.

Since it was pouring out we ‘tailgated’ inside the van and listened to the Pats pre-game show on the radio while we ate some sammitches and waited for the rain to subside. Big shocker: I still hate Andy Gresh. I think he is awful and I can’t stand listening to him. He fully ruins the pre, post and half-time portions of the Pats radio broadcast. Gary Tanguay and Scott ‘Bledsoe’s clipboard holder’ Zolak are not exactly fun to listen to either but Gresh is the absolute worst. At least Ron Borges appears to be gone from The Patriots pre-game radio show this year… Thank God.

We headed into the stadium just around kickoff time and the rain was starting to slow down a little.

This was my Wife’s first time at a Patriots game and I was really happy that she was able to come to the game with us and see a Patriots game first hand. I am proud that I was able to bring her to her first ever live Patriots game.

It was rainy throughout the game, but not a steady downpour. It was damp but not miserably so, though I now have a little case of the sniffles from being cold and damp during the game. (Sniff…)

I thought the 1st offense looked better this week. Yes, there were a couple mistakes, including a fumble that the Pats eventually recovered and Brady threw a couple picks but they also moved the ball and were able to score. Gostkowski missed what should have been an easy field goal but also made a TD saving tackle on a kick-off. The O-Line allowed the Tennessee D to get to Brady a couple times. Overall there was some good and some bad, but that’s what pre-season is for, working out the kinks. The good guys won the first half so I’ll take it.

Defensively I thought the team looked very, very good, even with several starters held out of the game, and especially after an impressive 4 down goal-line stand to keep Tennessee’s #1’s out of the end zone.

Halfway through the 2nd quarter we were joined by a semi-drunk Jets fan, complete with a 'J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS' t-shirt. I noticed him walking up the steps and thought to myself, ‘look at this tool..’

Wouldn’t you know, he came and sat down right next to us. ‘I’m a Jets fan’ he said.

(No way, really?)

‘Yeah I could tell by your shirt’.

He made his best attempt at being annoying, cheering over-loudly whenever something bad happened to the Pats and at one point, after Brady had been sacked, shouting, ‘Take him to Mass General!’

What an a-hole. Remarks like that are totally uncalled for. If you want to root against my team that is fine, but you don’t root for players to be hurt.

He mainly showed himself to be a complete fool. After Brady had been sacked he was looking for him on the bench to see if he was hurt. Then in the next offensive series, he openly wondered where Brady had gone. ‘What happened to Brady? I don’t see him on the sidelines or on the bench…’

I leaned over and said to him, ‘That’s because he’s in the game.’


Later, after a Brady to Caldwell pass interference flag was thrown in the end zone, ‘There you go,’ he said, ‘Home field advantage..’

When the ref announced that the penalty was actually against the Patriots offense, silence followed. I wanted to say something like, ‘yeah you were right, bad call’ but I kept my tongue.

My Wife found my treatment of this Jets fan quite amusing. Not that I was mean to him or anything, but when he first arrived I was like, ‘hey how ya doin’. I have nothing against a little friendly fan rivalry, but once he began jibber-jabbering about how he was a Jets fan and how The Pats were going to suck this year because ‘Brady blows and Moss is not going to save them’ and that he was rooting for the Titans, blah blah, blah, I turned my head mid-sentence and as my Wife described, ‘completely tuned him out as if from that moment he ceased to exist’.

I was not intentionally trying to be a jerk to the guy but I was not going to sit there and listen to an obvious fool’s nonsense either.

Despite the rain and the Jets fan, everyone enjoyed the game. The starters played most of the 1st half and the game was fun to watch. At one point towards the end of the 4th quarter, Pats rookie QB Matt Gutierrez tied the score with a scramble to the end zone for a touchdown.

Tennessee then moved down field for a game winning field goal in the closing minutes of the game. That was ok with us. Nobody wants to see a pre-season game go into over-time.


Friday, August 17, 2007

I've got my Pats socks and I'm ready to rock: Gearin' up for Pats pre-season Game 2..

Yes, I do have Patriots socks (don't be jealous) and of course I am really wearing them!

Meaningless Patriots Pre-Season Game 2 takes place tonight against The Titans in Foxboro and I will be there. I'm heading down to the game after work. I hope I can get to The Razor in time to get some quality tailgating in, but it's going to be close.

By the time I get out of here, the office that is, get home, get geared up and get down to Foxboro, it's a good bet that it will be nearly game time. Route 495 is a total road construction disaster around Foxboro right now. Add to that the fact that it's Friday and everybody will be heading south to the Cape, and it's going to be interesting getting down there.

We'll be heading down in my Dad's van, which I have dubbed The Shaggin Waggon. It's the ultimate tailgating machine. It would be a shame if there were not some level of quality tailgating done in it's presence. We'll see..

As far as the game goes, being pre-season game two, I expect to see the starters play most of the first half and potentially part of the third, depending on how things are going, so this will be a good meaningless game to see.

The papers have been playing up the shenanigans that went on during the last Pats / Titans game, in which Rodney Harrison was (deliberately?) injured and there was some extra friskiness going on down on the field. This is a pre-season game so despite the msm's desire to see a fight break out between The Pats and Titans over something that happened in a game that took place last year, I seriously doubt that we will see any extra pushing or shoving tonight. At least on The Patriots side of the ball anyway...

The Primary Main Objective of this game: NO INJURIES. The Football Gods be praised. Thank you you wise, powerful and sexxxy Football Gods for all you have bestowed upon us!

(Always give it up to the Football Gods. They appreciate it.)

After the last meaningless pre-season game, which was clearly an evaluation game for the new comers from start to finish, I expect to see some of the much ballyhooed (You like that word? Ballyhooed? Say it over and over. It's funny.) new free-agents take the field tonight for the first time. That should be exciting. I am pretty stoked to see Stallworth and Moss out there catching passes from Brady, but then again, who isn't?

Here is a side story about this game:
My Dad knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody with season tickets to the Pats. Earlier this summer this person asked him if he would be interested in some pre-season Pats tickets. He asked me if I was interested and after some thought I decided that I was not interested in a pre-season game, I'd rather just watch it on TV. If I'm going to a game at this point, I want to see one that counts and I want to see the starters play, not the back ups and guys that might make the practice squad.

Well, it turns out for one reason or another these people really wanted to unload these tickets but they don't like to just give them to just anybody. They like to give them to people that they trust will not do something stupid at the stadium to make them lose their seasons, that's right, well mannered, responsible and fully respectable people like me (and my Dad) who would never throw a snowball at a Miami Dolphins fan when security is around watching, so they sweetened the deal.

Buy the pre-season Pats tix and they'd also sell us some of their regular season tix as well. Sold mutherfucker!

Prior to this year, every Patriots game I have ever been to has been in the month of either December of January, because that's when people don't want to go sit in the cold to watch a game in person. Not that I'm complaining. Being at the Snow Fireworks game a few years ago was a memory I'll always enjoy, but I will now be able to attend my first Patriots game during the picturesque and mostly warm month of October. Nice.

And that's how you work the system. Work it baby! Work it! Oh yeah, I am so slick. You know it.

I better stop here.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Win tickets to the NASCAR Sharp AQUOS 500 in California at NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog

Wanna win tickets to see the NASCAR Sharp AQUOS 500 race on September 2, 2007 at California Speedway? Well here's your chance!

Head over to the NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog and get your entry in. 4ever3 has FIVE tickets to give away and all you have to do is answer a simple question: who drives the #12 Kodak Penske Car?

Of course, there are rules and regulations involved so head over to the NASCAR Ranting and Raving Blog to get the details and enter the contest for your chance to win. Dudes and Ladies if I had the ability to get to Cali to see this race I would be all over this.

And how incredibly cool is it that a major company like Kodak is running it's contest through a blawgger and not some big, corporate multi-media site? Very cool. Go check it out!

(image via ryan12newman.com)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Winding down a great vacay.. Patriots pre-season game 1 vs. The Bucs: NO INJURIES PLEASE

Hey how are you doing? It's Friday, it's rainy and gray and I'm lookin' at the last few days on the vacation calendar before I head back to that four letter word place, w-o-r-k, on Monday.

I've been off for two weeks and it's been great. I've done a ton of fun stuff with my Wife and Kids as well as a few grown up things as well. Yesterday was a good day. We took a walk down the road to a stream that runs near my house and has a very small water fall. The kids and I spent about an hour there just hanging out, skipping stones and making boats in the water out of pieces of bark and sticks. It was a lot of fun and it's great to just have time with them with no schedule, no plans, just to hang out.

Later that day my Folks came over to watch the Kids and my Wife and I went out for dinner to a restaurant called Sakura Tokyo. It's one of those cool places where they cook the food right in front of you on the hibachi table and the chef does all kinds of various tricks like making a volcano out of onions and trying to wing a piece of fried zuchini into everyone at the table's mouths. I was able to catch a piece. First time ever that has happened! Whoa cool! The food is excellent there and they have those high-falutin drinks too. I had two individual sized scorpion bowls. Nice.

After dinner we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum which was awesome. I like all those Matt Damon / Jason Bourne flicks and this one does not disappoint. 5 Ernie Stars for The Bourne Ultimatum. While I'm on the subject of movies, the other night we watched 'Borat' which I thought was fa-riggin hi-larious. I nearly choked at one point from laughing so hard. A very nice change-up from 'The Deer Hunter' experience, it was very nice. Wa-wa woo-wa! 5 Ernie Stars for 'Borat'. High five!!

Tonight The Patriots will kick off their pre-season game schedule, facing off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I am looking forward to the game. Even though it is just pre-season, it is still Patriots Football and I am psyched to see how the team is doing. Between the newspapers and the various Pats blawgs, news about the team has literally been spewing out since Tranining Camp kicked in a few weeks ago.

Being on vacation I have not really been paying a super amount of attention to all the news. There's literally too much to digest and I'm not spending a lot of time on the computer to be honest. As a matter of fact I just learned today while scanning all the pre-game tidbits that Jeff Garcia was The Bucs' starting quarterback. Wow! Who knew! I guess I better start paying more attention if I want to keep up my NFL cred. Well, that's what pre-season is for, getting your shit squared away for the regular season, and that's what the Pats will continue to do tonight against what I think is a pretty decent opponent. Ok, now that I check the Bucs were only 5-11 last year. Yes, I had to check. Hey I can't remember every team's record. Plus, I'm on vacation. Anyway, last year's record means nothing and this is only pre-season game one, so it's really about as meaningless as it can be. The only purpose of this game is to get back into the swing of things and start to get the kinks worked out against an opponent other than your own team-mates.

The number one goal of this game tonight = NO INJURIES!!! The Football Gods be praised. Thank you.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm amazed...

I was driving my son somewhere today and put the radio onto a rock station, WBCN out of Boston. They were playing the new Social D song, 'Far Behind'. Social D on a mainstream radio station? Unheard of.

I'm amazed. I'm amazed...

The Pats play their first pre-season game THIS FRIDAY. The beginnings of football season are already here. I'm excited for The Patriots, but still I think, wow, I can't believe pre-season is here. As much as I love Patriots Football I can't help but be reminded that this is the harbinger of that rottenest of seasons, Winter. It's a very bitter-sweet feeling.

I'm amazed. I'm amazed...

The Red Sox keep letting the MFY creep closer and closer with each passing series. The lead is down to five measly games at this point. I don't like it. Nope. Not one bit. We need to increase that distance somehow. This is the last West Coast trip for the Sox then it's back to some East Coast action with games against The O's and Tampa Bay. Hopefully the Sox can put some space back between them and the MFY.

Avoiding a sweep tonight against the LAAoA would be nice.

I'd be amazed. Amazed.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Deer Hunter: Not a fun summertime vacation movie...

Last night I was flipping through the channels around 8 PM and I came across the movie, 'The Deer Hunter', which was just starting.

'The Deer Hunter' is one of those classic movies that everyone in the world seems to have seen but me. I had always heard that it was a good movie. It won several awards at the time of its release and it has gotten nothing but good reviews but it's duration at 3 plus hours has always kept me from watching it from start to finish. I have tried to watch it in the past when I've caught it on tv but I usually get sick of watching the wedding scene at the beginning and say to myself, 'This thing is three hours long, next..' and turn the channel.

Well last night 'The Deer Hunter' was on one of those movie channels so it was uncut and I decided to dig in and see what this movie was about. I finally watched it from start to finish. I'll just say that 'The Deer Hunter' was indeed a very good movie. It was also one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen. Even as I was watching it I was thinking to myself, 'this is not fun, I am totally depressed watching this,' but I had to find out what happened to Niki and Stevie after their escape from the POW camp with Michael. I was in it for the long haul at that point. I had gone to far into the film and I wasn't going to start over from scratch again so I stuck it out and watched it right until the painful finish.

After the movie was over I went to bed totally depressed, wishing I had practiced my guitar instead. Fucking Nicki. Why couldn't he have just put the gun down and gone home with Michael instead of blowing his brains out? Dammit! Yeah, yeah I know, it's not always a happy ending but that does not mean we can't hope for one.

Walken and De Niro were both awesome in this movie.

Well I've got that out of the way. Now I can say that I've seen 'The Deer Hunter', a good movie but not fun summer vacation fare that is for sure.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello from vacation-ville!

Hey what's up interwebsters. Hope all you fine folks are doing well. I am still on vacation and it is awesome. The baby is napping and the other two maniacs are out at the movies with their Mom. She took them out to meet up with some of their friends and then go see 'Underdog', so I thought I'd write up a quick post just to say hello to anybody that stops by.

My vacation so far has been extremely excellent. I've gone to see The Pats work out down at training camp in Foxboro, my friend Brent and I went to see my favorite band, Social Distortion, and my Family and I spent a few days in beautiful N.H. where we visited Hampton Beach, Story Land and Water Country (have some fun!) I've heard that ad so many times... 'Water Country, Water Country... Have some FUN!!' but I've never actually been to the park. Well I finally got to go there. It was a Friday, it was about 100 degrees out and it was packed. It was total insanity. It was full on stress trying to keep track of the two bigger kids, who of course went to opposite areas of every part of the park we were in, and at the same time watch the baby in the water along with thousands of other kids and parents running, pushing, nearly stepping on you, yelling, laughing, and just.. insane.

My Wife and I actually wanted to leave because it was so nutty there but we found a less traveled part of the park that had a toddler area in it that was much calmer. We pretty much stayed there for the remainder of our time in Water Country, Water Country, Water Country, Have some FUN!

What else. That's about it. I am just hanging out at home this week and chilling out. I needed a week to normalize after five days on the road with the three kids. It is great to spend time with them but after five days in the same hotel room with three kids, never getting to eat a meal with my Wife because one of us is continually getting up to attend to a child's need, I needed a vacation after my vacation! It is good to have time at home and not have to go right back to work.

We stayed in some really nice hotels on this trip, as opposed to camping out, which was nice. It is too hard to camp with the baby and keep track of the other two right now. I can't say I minded being in a hotel with a pool, showers, beds, A/C and all that as opposed to a blow up mattress in a tent with no A/C and trying to fall asleep in 90 degree heat. I have to give some props to the Comfort Inn in Dover N.H., which is where we stayed after going to Hampton Beach. This hotel was extremely reasonable, price-wise, and had a very nice room with a ton of nice amenities to go with it. I was totally impressed by this hotel. While we were going to Story Land we stayed at a hotel called The North Conway Grand Hotel which I also have to give two thumbs up. The price was very reasonable and it was completely geared towards people with kids. The room had a microwave and a refrigerator in it which was great for keeping baby milk and heating bottles, as well as a DVD player, which was a big plus when trying to get the kids calmed down at night. We could just hang out in the room, have food brought up from the hotel restaurant and watch a movie before putting the kids to bed. If you have kids and are going to take them up to Story Land, the North Conway Grand is definitely worth checking out. Awesome hotel.

Ok that's it for now. I think I'm going to go have a beer. I love being on vacation!!


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