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Friday, August 10, 2007

Winding down a great vacay.. Patriots pre-season game 1 vs. The Bucs: NO INJURIES PLEASE

Hey how are you doing? It's Friday, it's rainy and gray and I'm lookin' at the last few days on the vacation calendar before I head back to that four letter word place, w-o-r-k, on Monday.

I've been off for two weeks and it's been great. I've done a ton of fun stuff with my Wife and Kids as well as a few grown up things as well. Yesterday was a good day. We took a walk down the road to a stream that runs near my house and has a very small water fall. The kids and I spent about an hour there just hanging out, skipping stones and making boats in the water out of pieces of bark and sticks. It was a lot of fun and it's great to just have time with them with no schedule, no plans, just to hang out.

Later that day my Folks came over to watch the Kids and my Wife and I went out for dinner to a restaurant called Sakura Tokyo. It's one of those cool places where they cook the food right in front of you on the hibachi table and the chef does all kinds of various tricks like making a volcano out of onions and trying to wing a piece of fried zuchini into everyone at the table's mouths. I was able to catch a piece. First time ever that has happened! Whoa cool! The food is excellent there and they have those high-falutin drinks too. I had two individual sized scorpion bowls. Nice.

After dinner we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum which was awesome. I like all those Matt Damon / Jason Bourne flicks and this one does not disappoint. 5 Ernie Stars for The Bourne Ultimatum. While I'm on the subject of movies, the other night we watched 'Borat' which I thought was fa-riggin hi-larious. I nearly choked at one point from laughing so hard. A very nice change-up from 'The Deer Hunter' experience, it was very nice. Wa-wa woo-wa! 5 Ernie Stars for 'Borat'. High five!!

Tonight The Patriots will kick off their pre-season game schedule, facing off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I am looking forward to the game. Even though it is just pre-season, it is still Patriots Football and I am psyched to see how the team is doing. Between the newspapers and the various Pats blawgs, news about the team has literally been spewing out since Tranining Camp kicked in a few weeks ago.

Being on vacation I have not really been paying a super amount of attention to all the news. There's literally too much to digest and I'm not spending a lot of time on the computer to be honest. As a matter of fact I just learned today while scanning all the pre-game tidbits that Jeff Garcia was The Bucs' starting quarterback. Wow! Who knew! I guess I better start paying more attention if I want to keep up my NFL cred. Well, that's what pre-season is for, getting your shit squared away for the regular season, and that's what the Pats will continue to do tonight against what I think is a pretty decent opponent. Ok, now that I check the Bucs were only 5-11 last year. Yes, I had to check. Hey I can't remember every team's record. Plus, I'm on vacation. Anyway, last year's record means nothing and this is only pre-season game one, so it's really about as meaningless as it can be. The only purpose of this game is to get back into the swing of things and start to get the kinks worked out against an opponent other than your own team-mates.

The number one goal of this game tonight = NO INJURIES!!! The Football Gods be praised. Thank you.



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i recently ate (for the first time) at a japanese restaurant called "kobe's." it's like the one you went to, where they cook the food in front of you. since we were the so-called "newbies," the guy decided to make this big flame in front of us. i had all kinds of hairspray and gel in my hair and all i could imagine was my body catching on fire. other than that, we had fun and the food was great. i enjoyed their tricks and stuff.

we watched Borat not long ago, i wasn't real pleased with it, but my husband thought it was hilarious.

I have had that happen to me too where they make that big flame shoot up to surprise you and make you jump a little.

I am glad you enjoyed the restaurant and did not become engulfed in flames! ;-)

Your reaction to 'Borat' sounds about like what my Wife said about it. Even though I caught her laughing at several points when I asked her what she thought after it was over she was like, 'eh, it was ok.' :-)


If anyone is interested, I've got a huge ticket give away running right now.

Kodak is giving away tickets to the Sept. 2 NASCAR Cup race in California through my blog.

Enter now for your chance to win these tickets, I have 5 pair to give away.

my mom in law would die for these tickets. i would, too. i wish i lived close to california. man, that sucks.

i just noticed your worthy causes section and i love it. i love when people support our trooops :)

Thanks Jess it is the least that I can do..

I am with you if I were in Cali I would be all over that contest. Thanks Bob for posting it here. I will put up a little blurb to help get the word out...

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