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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I can has cheeseburger? No.

Later today I have to have some rather unpleasant dental work done. To say I am not looking forward to it would be an extreme understatement but at this point, I just want to get it over with and be done with it.

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One of the side effects of this procedure I'm having done is that I won't be able to eat solid food for a few weeks until I am healed up, just liquids and basically stuff that does not require biting or chewing. That means lots of smoothies, lots of pudding, soup and that kind of stuff. No cheeseburgers. So if you ask, can I has cheeseburger? The answer is a definite, no, I cannot has cheeseburger.

I expect to lose about 10 pounds. I guess the weight loss part isn't so bad. I won't mind that.

Accentuate the positive.


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When I had my wisdom teeth pulled last summer, I ate gallons of Ben & Jerry's Black and Tan ice cream. Just a suggestion.

I also think the kids should eat lots of cheeseburgers in front of you to get back at you for the Halloween prank. :D

LOL at what Angela said. That's hilarious.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate having "mouth work" done and not being able to eat the things I enjoy. I always sneak a few solids in here and there. But, of course, I pay for it later.

Hmm I think I will take you up on that suggestion Ang ;-)

Thanks for thinking of me you guys. :-)

As far as the kids, I keep telling them I love October because that's when Columbus Day is, and Columbus Day is the BEST! (not Halloween.) They just roll their eyes. Ha ha.

They had PIZZA last night... Not too hungry yet but will be soon. My Wife makes a mean smoothie though. Might have to put some Cruzan rum in one of them ;-)

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