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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mission 11W: The '07 version..

Sox / Angels, game one. Currently top of the 8th. Superstitions are cranked up for this game for some reason. But then, it is the playoffs after all..

Game one = crucial with Dice going tomorrow. Not that they're not all crucial, but.. well you know. I don't want to say it. In fact, I'm just stopping here. I think this typing is bad luck.


Sox win game 1, 4-0. Beckett went the full 9 and was awesome. Whew. Now I can relax. I was tense through that whole thing. Didn't want to move or do anything to break the spell. [lets out a deep breath..]

Mission: 10W

Ok DICE, you're up. Feel free to, you know, do your thing.


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That pitching performance was a thing of beauty. Go Sox!!!

Courtney you read my mind. A thing of beauty, I was thinking the exact same thing about Beckett's performance! One for the ages. And how about YOUK! 1st at bat in the playoffs and hits a home-run. Awesome!

Hope DICE can live up to that performance tonight..

Good to see the MFY clobbered last night. Hope that continues as well!

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