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Monday, October 01, 2007

Pats / Bengals: 2nd half

Quick thoughts:

As much as I bitch about these MNF games going to midnight or whatever, this is so much better than back in the day when I'd be sitting with my Dad in his living room, trying to tune in some fuzzy, snowy looking UHF TV station out of Springfield to try and see the Pats game because it was blacked out on the Boston stations..

They didn't show The Pats on MNF back then, so keep that in mind and enjoy the prime-time slot Pats fans. You don't need me to tell you that though..

Let me also tell you how thankful and happy I am that I can listen to these games with Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti calling the games on the radio. I have no idea what they are saying on ESPN. Thank you Gil and Gino!

The Pats just kicked a field goal to go up 27-10 with 13 and change in the 4th Q. Grind time...

A little over 9 min and the Bengals just kicked a 48 yard FG. 27 - 13, Pats. Nice job once again by Samuel on that drive. He stripped the ball away on what would have been a Cincy reception to stop the Bengals drive and limit them to three.

Let's hope the Pats can just run run and run here... or not? Everybody's expecting the run and Brady is slinging it. Whatever!

Now with 3 min and change, The Pats go up 34-13 on a Brady to Moss TD pass. The Pats won't score 38 today but at this point this game is pretty much academic. I think we can chill out now. Besides my battery is about dead. 4-0 sounds good. I can't believe the season is a quarter of the way gone...



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Oh geez, you sound like my dad... "I had season tickets because games weren't EVEN ON TV!" I hear it at least three times a season.

Next week, I am going to videotape my dad's special Randy Moss Touchdown Celebration. It's definitely worth a few laughs.

That's right and we had to watch the games in a snow storm, with nothing but a little AM radio to keep us warm. And the Pats played on a field that was uphill BOTH WAYS ;-)

my man told me i'm crazy, but they really might not lose a game this year.

Tony Kornholer really needed to stop suckin' their dicks last night on MNF, though.

Johnny that would be pretty sweet if it actually happened but it's only October and lots of big opponents left on the schedule.

I can't stand that guy Kornhoser or whatever his name is, I think he is a tool but I feel that way about ESPN in general.. I listen to the local radio broadcast when I watch the games.

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