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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Perversions of Pain.. or something.

Well it's been a few days since my dental thing and now I'm back at it. I had intentionally scheduled the procedure to coincide with the long weekend so that I'd have an extra day to recuperate and I'm glad I did. Yesterday I was still feeling pretty sore but so far today it's not bad at all.

I think the worst part is over. Now I've just got to heal up and in a few weeks I'll be back to normal. For now I still can't eat anything except for a soft diet, which basically means no chewing. Over the past few days, my diet has mainly consisted of the following:

- Various Campbell's 'Soup at Hand' soups. (These are basically soups that come in a microwavable cup. After you microwave the soup you can drink it right out of the cup. They are pretty tasty I have to say.)

- Hunt's snack pack pudding. (Chocolate and vanilla. Yummy.)

- Vicoden. (When I tell people I'm taking vicoden they're all, 'ooooo, that's the good stuff!' I don't see what the big deal is. It gets rid of the pain, which is nice, but other than that, so what? What's all the fuss about over this stuff? I'm not seeing any cool colors or anything and my hands haven't felt just like two balloons yet..)

- Harpoon IPA. (No, I'm not mixing it with the vicoden.. I know what your twisted little brains are thinking.)

- Homemade smoothies. (My Wife makes a mean smoothie: banana, strawberries, yogurt and pineapple. Super good AND good for you!)

I've lost about 6 pounds so far but I think three of those pounds was 'Oreo weight'. (My Wife bought me some Oreo cookies to have as a treat on the night before my dental procedure. I ate about 6 Oreos plus a big glass of milk. I think Oreo cookies are probably the most concentrated fat producing substance on the planet. Each cookie equals about 2 pounds on the scale I think. But they are sooooo good! Obviously one of Satan's best inventions.. I dip mine in milk before I eat them.)

So how do you like your Oreos?

I wish I could have one right now but it's time to have some Campbell's Soup at Hand instead. (Creamy chicken! I'm not lying these things are actually really good. You're welcome Campbell's.)


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I think I'm allergic to Vicodin. They just make me nauseous. Hope your mouth gets better. There's going to be lots of screaming and cheering in the coming weeks.

Thanks Angela!

I am going to the next Pats home-game so I will need to be back to normal by then for tailgating! Otherwise it will be up to my Dad to eat all the sausage pepper and onion sammitches, and I don't think he can handle that job by himself! ;)

I think Vicodin and Harpoon are an excellent combination to watch the Sox. ;)
Feel better. You need to be in top form to tailgate.

I think Vicodin and Harpoon are an excellent combination to watch the Sox

Ha ha!

It is my duty as the Pats 12th Man to put on the best tailgate possible. This is pleasing to the Football Gods, as you know. I should be 100% by then I hope!

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