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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Resitance is futile, most of the time.

I went to CVS pharmacy on my lunch break to get some Tylenol. My mouth is sore today from the dental work. Anyway, I walked in to CVS and they had a full-on Patriots display set up right near the entrance. They had everything. Stickers, pens, fake tattoos, trash-cans, baby-bibs.. you name it. It was like a mini Patriots ProShop! I was completely sucked in. I will pretty much buy anything if it has a Patriots or Red Sox logo on it.. except for Bud Light. I won't buy Bud Light just because the can has a Patriots helmet on it. I draw the line there. Sam Adams with a Pats helmet on it? I'm in. Miller Lite with a Pats helmet on it? Fully there. But Bud Light? Sorry Budweiser marketing team, but my answer is no. Even I have limits*.

The Patriots display had some Red Sox stuff set up too but it all had DICE's face on it, which also equals zero interest from me..

I need a trash can for the basement so I almost bought the Patriots trash can. Then I thought, 'wouldn't this bib be nice for my youngest? She would look so nice on game-day!' And who doesn't need more pens? Especially, Patriots pens!! I know I could use some of those! I could take notes, make lists, all kinds of things! And it would be with a Patriots pen! Awesome!

Thankfully my better judgment kicked in and I did not buy any Patriots stuff. But I wanted to. Oh, I wanted to.

After I left CVS I went to Dunkin's for a coffee since I was out. There was a John Denver song playing inside the shop. He was good. RIP John Denver.

*Just because I won't buy Budweiser product does not mean I won't drink it if you hand one to me. I'm only a beer snob with my money, not yours. There's no such thing as bad beer, just some are better than others.


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