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Friday, October 05, 2007

What channel are the Red Sox on?

Hey what's up you-all? I'm just sitting here, killing time, rooting for the Indians and waiting for the Red Sox / Angels game to start. What channel are they on? Are they on after this Cleveland / MFY game? Or are they on some other channel? It's 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th at Cleveland right now. What if this thing goes to extra innings? Then what? Do they wait for this game to be over before the Sox / Angels game starts?

Dudes and ladies I'm somewhat in an f-ing confused state.. I'm in another state, another state of mind. Yes.

And what are those bugs flying everywhere at The Jake? Ladybugs? Mayflies? There's a lot of bugs flying around in Cleveland.

The Pats face off against the Browns in Foxboro on Sunday. The Browns are one of my backup teams basically because of the presence Romeo Crennel and Willie McGinest. I like to see those two guys doing well. It should be an interesting game on Sunday, with Belichick facing his friend and former defensive coordinator and Willie facing the team he used to lead on a weekly basis.. I hope Romeo and Willie get a nice ovation coming into The Razor, but once the game starts, those guys are the enemy.

Back to the Sox, I see the game has started on an alternate channel. Confusion solved. Let's go DICE. Prove to me that my feelings about you are wrong, please.


Superstition update:
I'm wearing my Red Sox socks and my 04 ALCS t-shirt. Sam Adams is in a Patriots glass and an October candle is burning. I think I'll go put the Patriots cap on. Let the Patriot Power flow down into the Red Sox stuff. Maybe I'll put it into rally-cap mode, right at the outset too. Because well, I have a feeling The Sox will need it tonight. (Yes, it's weird the way my mind works..)

Update 2:
It's the top of the 8th, the score is tied at 3 - 3 and it's approaching midnight. My superstitions all went to bed a while ago. I'm the only one still awake at this point. This is a long ass game.. GO SOX.


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Apparently that whole 'Patriot Power' thing flowed down pretty well...


Yes. PATRIOTS POWER!! Now the question is, what do I do on Sunday? I'm sure my brain will come up with some odd-ball solution... ;-)

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