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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Worth the wait: Red Sox take ALDS Game 2

(Reuters Photo)

Red Sox / Angels, ALDS Game 2: This was one long ass game..

As the clock was nearing 12 AM I began to think, 'I don't know if I can stay up for this whole thing.' Then I thought, 'I've been up this long, I may as well see how it turns out at this point.'

As the clock was nearing 1 AM and the game headed to the bottom of the 9th still tied at 3-3, I began to think, 'I've stayed up this long, it better be worth it. This thing better turn out good.'

It was better than good. It was great. Papelbon is The Balls and Manny is The Man. His game winning home-run was an absolute thing of beauty. He fully deserved to stand at the plate and admire it for an extra second as it went over absolutely everything in left field and completely left the ball park. The Dark Horse, Okajima and the rest of the Sox bullpen were phenomenal in relief for you know who, whose performance was about as I expected it would be. Eh, I'll give Dice some credit. He at least kept the game within a run for the Sox offense.

Mission: 9W

(Bonus: The Yankees lost to Cleveland in extra innings. Cleveland now leads their series 2-0.)



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Yeah, Yankees lose complete with plague of locusts to curse them. Well, flying ants anyway. That was insane.
This game confirmed all my fears about DiceK. But, 9 more to play! Go Sox!

Be interesting to see which game Dice will start in the ACLS.

Now down to 8!

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