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Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to check in on my 2007 resolutions...

Alright, it's New Year's Eve. Time to see how I did on my 2007 resolutions. Let's dive in.

2007's Resolutions:

- Go to bed early - Hit or miss on this one.

- Lose weight - Failed. I'm the same weight as I was last year. Mid 160's.

- Play guitar more regularly - Accomplished

- Finish basement - Accomplished

- Build final stone wall - Accomplished

- Get to work between 8:30 and 9 AM - Accomplished

What should I resolve to do this year?

My Wife says:

- Work on patience.

- Learn how to relax.

Hmmm.. Ok. Apparently I don't know how to just sit and chill out. That's not a bad thing to work on.

I will add: loose weight. It's the same thing every year. Maybe someday I'll get back down to 155.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year's Eve everyone! See you next year! (That joke never gets old. HAR!)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The biggest regular season game ever?

It's about 1/2 an hour before the Patriots / Giants game kicks off. Is this possibly the biggest regular season game ever? The last time I can remember getting this amped up for a game during the regular season, it was because a playoff berth was on the line. One of those 'win and you're in' situations.

Of course, in this case, The Pats have the playoffs and home-field already locked up, but still, this game, what it could mean as far as NFL history.. It's HUGE. I am already feeling the stomach butterflies. My Wife asked me if I was eating dinner tonight and I told her no. Can't eat. Too nervous. This is like, playoff nerves here.

Of course, it's the three games AFTER this that really count, but still, the magnitude of what the Patriots could potentially accomplish tonight... !!!

Is this my team?? Ok. Time to stop and FOCUS.

All powerful and mighty Football Gods, this is for you:



Friday, December 28, 2007

Do not adjust your television. We have taken over.

Dudes and Ladies, how cool is this? Saturday night, The Patriots are going to be on every channel on your TV. It's like a Presidential address, except, it's football. Patriots Football. This is beyond the beyond for me. Somebody pinch me. Am I dreaming? If I am don't wake me up because this is the greatest dream I have ever had. Even better than the wet dreams when I was 15. Plus, no sticky mess in the morning to deal with.

Yes I've rehashed this story many times before, but as I sit back and soak this amazing season in, I still think to back in the day, sitting with my Dad trying to tune in some UHF channel (pre-cable kids) out of Springfield MA (Channel 22) to watch a very static-y, snowy, hard to tell what was going on but we know those fuzzy red blotches are the Pats players and they are on that greenish haze, which we believe to be the field, playing football, Patriots game because they had not sold enough tickets in Foxboro and the game was blacked out on the local stations. Fuck it let's go #14!

Now we are on EVERY station. EVERY STATION IN BOSTON WILL CARRY THE GAME. The Patriots will be on channel 4, 5 and 7. That's NBC, ABC and CBS people. We are taking over. Do not adjust your sets. We want the airwaves baby. That's right, that's right.

This kicks ass. Let's do this thing.


[appropriate music for this current mood: The Ramones. Go play all your Ramones records.]

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy AFC East Sweep, Merry 15-0! Oh yea and Christmas too.

Hey all, just a quick post to wish you all a Happy Merry Joyful Patriots AFC East Sweep and 15-0 record.

Merry Christmas too!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Long weekend. Friday Night. Woo!

Finally, Friday night and a long weekend in front of me. It's been a long time coming and now it's here.

Wish I could say I had somebody to hang around with tonight but my Wife and Kids are visiting the in-laws. That leaves me and me and loud music and.. Jack.

So yea. Friday night. Alone.

Stay in, watch It's a Wonderful Life and wrap Christmas presents. Fuck that.

Stay in, play my guitar and drink multiple beers. Definitely not a bad option but, I'm gonna pass this time.

Go out to the Lucky Dog in Wormtown and see Dave Smith and the Country Rebels. Fuck yea.

Me myself and I. See ya.

Smells like Tuna

So, Parcells returns to the AFC East and now The Tuna's gonna run The Fish. Hmmm. So many fish jokes abound. With Dwayne running the show in Miami, it definetely gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Squish the Fish'. Squish the Fishes?

Question: If Bill's already in Florida, where is he gonna drive to at the end of every season when it's time for him to make his annual decision on whether or not he wants to retire from football again? Maybe he'll drive UP to Jersey..

When it comes to Bill Parcells, I definetely have some mixed feelings. As a Pats fan, there is no denying that Parcells played a huge part in resurecting and yes, absolutely saving the Patriots franchise. At the same time, there's still the fact that he kinda fucked us over when he was working harder on his plan to escape to the NY Jets than he was on his plan to win Superbowl 31. So now whenever I think of Bill Parcells, I always feel like, yes, I'm grateful to him for helping to save my team, but at the same time, I'm still kinda pissed at him for screwing us over when we were right there on the verge of winning it all. Dude, just don't kick off to Desmond Howard and who knows what coulda happened. Tool.

Of course, in the long run, it all worked out just fine didn't it? The farthest Parcells got with the Jets was the AFC Championship, Bill Belichick decided he'd rather be the man in charge in New England rather than work for Parcells in New York, and after a long and crazy road, the Patriots have won three Superbowls and are contenders for a fourth every season. (And that is FUCKING AWESOME.) So I guess I can't be too spiteful when it comes to my feelings about Bill Parcells, and really, I'm not. It's just whenever his name is brought up, as much as I'd prefer to remember just the good times about how he helped to resurect a dead franchise, sadly, I will always think of the circus-like, crappy way he exited New England. Thankfully, the three Superbowl Championships following his departure have smoothed over the rough edges of my feelings towards Bill Parcells.

As far as Parcells running the show in Miami? Well I guess there's no argument about the man's ability to turn around a franchise. The problem with ol' Dwayne, at least from my perspective, is that he's the king of the band-aid fix. Since he left the Giants, he's never been willing to stick it out and put in with a team for the long haul. Parcells might get a team out of the basement and into the playoffs, but he's not willing to hang around and try to get the team over the cusp to the Superbowl contender level. Parcells is good for two, maybe three years with any given team. If things haven't turned around by then, he decides that he's sick of football. Then he takes a year off and the next season he invariably hooks on with another team. This was one of the main points of contention when Bill was with the Pats. Bob Kraft was looking for stability and he did not have that with Bill Parcells. Every year it was a guess as to wether or not Parcells would be returning to the team.

Of course, things are a little different this time around. In Miami, Parcells is running the front office and not coaching the team. He'll be doing the shopping for somebody else's groceries. Parcells has always had an interest in this area of football and it will be interesting to see how he does when he is focusing soley on aquiring talent and running the front office. It will be interesting to see how hands on or off Bill will be as far as the coaching of the team goes as well.

As long as The Pats are still squishing fishes and marine mammals or whatever, I'm good.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book Review: The Best Boston Sports Arguments

I recently finished reading a very interesting book called The Best Boston Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Boston Fans (whew!). The book is written by two newspaper columnists that most Boston sports fans should be familiar with, Jim Caple of ESPN and Steve Buckley of The Boston Herald.

The book leans pretty heavily towards the Red Sox side of things, with 50 of the 100 arguments being geared towards the Sox. You could essentially call the book, 'The 50 greatest Red Sox arguments, with some Celts, Bs and a few Pats arguments thrown in for good measure'.

Overall I liked the book. It's an easy read, with each argument broken up into it's own chapter, each of which are generally only two to three pages long. There are a lot of interesting facts and pleasant memories from Boston sports lore that are discussed in the book, as well as an occasional history lesson for readers who assuredly know the names of Boston's greatest athletes but may not be all that familiar with some of their feats.

The book also does it's job of presenting some arguments that people might disagree with as well. In reading the book, there were a few 'arguments' that definitely got under my skin a bit, though that might have been in part due to the general tone of the writing. The fact is, the book is not really a collection of arguments, but a collection of opinions in which Buckley and Caple tell you the way things are, and if you happen to disagree, well you don't really know what you're talking about anyway.

Your enjoyment of the book may depend a lot on your sensitivity to the, at times, condescending, 'we're professional sportswriters and you're not' tone of co-writers Buckley and Caple. If you are someone who generally likes to read sports columnists and generally agrees with what they have to say, then you will probably like this book. If you are someone like me, who tends to find sports columnists somewhat grating, you might not enjoy the book as much, but, then again, the book is called The Best Boston Sports Arguments, so I guess a somewhat confrontational tone should be expected.

One of the undertones in this book that continually got on my nerves was the general sentiment that all of the recent success of the current Boston Red Sox, culminating with their winning of the World Series in '04, could never truly compare with the success of Red Sox teams from the now distant past, even though, that past 'success' was usually underscored by a very painful failure, (if that makes any sense).

Of course, this reeks of Buckley who has a well known obsession with nostalgia and 'old tyme' baseball. Anyone familiar with Buckley's work should be able to quickly pick out the 'arguments' that were written by him. (Oh yes, he gets all of the Tony C arguments that you've probably read or heard from him a hundred times into the book.)

I'm sorry guys but I disagree with the 'argument' that the '75 Red Sox were better than the '04 team. Forget the nostalgia. Who's got the rings? There's no argument there in my mind. There's just something about bringing home a big shiny piece of hardware that tends to make me think the '04 team trumps '86, '75, '67 and all the others going back to 1918 or so. But that's just me. I'm not a pro sportswriter after all..

In the end, if you are a fan of Boston Sports, particularly the Red Sox, you really can't go wrong with The Best Boston Sports Arguments. It's a quick and easy read that is both fun and yes, at times even educational, and hey, arguing about sports is what half the fun is all about, right?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

If we make it through December... we've still got January and February.

Ok. It's official. I'm sick of winter. When I'm snow-blowing my driveway more than once a week, that's too much. I'm dreaming of a green Christmas and I never want to see a day that's over forty degrees.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's not even technically Winter yet. Fuck!

I know there are people out there that love winter and love cold and snow and all that, but I'm just not one of them. Maybe if I owned a snow-mobile, things would be different but, I don't.

I do own a snow-blower, thank God, because shoveling by hand really, really sucks. Of course, my snow-blower, it seems like every time I take it out, something happens to get me annoyed. It's not like being out in the cold and snow and shoveling is bad enough, having to wear ski goggles to keep the ice out of my eyes.. as I trudge up and down the drive way, but it seems like there is always something going on with my snow-blower.

Last year, I had a problem where the nut and bolt that holds together the chute where the snow comes shooting out vibrated off and the whole entire chute fell right off of the snow-blower as I was in the middle of clearing my driveway.

That was fun.

I thought I had fixed the problem but when I took out the snow-blower for the first time a few days ago, as I was clearing the driveway I noticed that the chute was getting wobbly. Thankfully I now know from experience that if I see the chute start to get wobbly, I know that the nut that holds the thing together is about to fall off and I can catch it and tighten it down before the whole chute falls off of the snow-blower.

Since it was the first time out using the snow-blower this season, I figured it was a one time thing and that after tightening the nut down again, the problem would be solved. Wrong. I was clearing the drive way today, enjoying myself throughly (NOT), when I noticed that the chute was once again getting wobbly. I got my wrench and tightened it down, AGAIN. Obviously, there is an issue that I need to deal with here. I think maybe the lock washer that I used to fix it last year is not thick enough or something.

Anyway, the part that annoyed me today was not that I had to fix the snow-blower again, that is becoming old-hat, it's that I lost the wrench that I used to fix it in the snow somewhere.

Since it was a lovely winter day with piercing ice and biting wind hitting me in the face, I was wearing ski-goggles as I was clearing the driveway. The goggles kept fogging up so I had a tissue in my pocket to wipe them down every now and then. I stupidly had the wrench in the same pocket and somewhere along the line, as I was taking out the tissue to de-fog the goggles, the wrench must have fallen out. I didn't notice the wrench was gone until I saw the snow-blower chute start to get wobbly again. I reached into my pocket to get the wrench and quickly tighten down the nut and the wrench was not there. Gone. Somewhere in the snow. That fully sucks. And it was a Craftsman wrench too. Dammit. Now I need to buy a new wrench. 11mm. And while I'm at it I need to get a thicker lock-washer because I've had it with this new latest routine.

I hate winter.

(photos: Scott A. Schneider / New York Times, Rankin/Bass)

Thursday, December 13, 2007



I need to call my Wife and make sure we have enough milk, half and half and Jack Daniels because I could be TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE TILL TOMORROW when I go out to shovel.. Better have her bring in some wood for the fireplace too, just in case! Otherwise, I'll have to strap in and go outside into the teeth of NOR-EASTER 07 to get the firewood while braving the arctic winter blast of snow, snow and snow AND WIND TOO.


Fuck now that I think about it, maybe I better leave work right now so I can get home before it starts! Yeah, that's it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Supersuckers are coming to Boston in Feb. F-YEAH!!

I got the word this morning via e-mail that The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World, The Supersuckers, are embarking on a long over-due visit to the East Coast. After shouting, 'Oh FUCK YEAH!' to no one in particular, I checked the dates and immediately ordered my ticket, post-haste.

I'll be at the February 4 show at Harpers Ferry in Allston. Nothing like a Monday night spent with The Supersuckers. I'm sure it will be magical. Heck I might even be able to get my Wife to come along with me.. That would rule. She's never been to one of these small club general admission type shows so what better band to break her in with than The Supersuckers? We need to acquire a baby-sitter, NOW.

I was just thinking my countdown over there on the right was looking pretty bleak. Nothing to look forward to except the first day of spring. That's fixed.

F-YEAH!! (I am 100% fully psyched.)

I just remembered the show is the day after The Superbowl. !! Wow. Extra cool.

Monday, December 10, 2007

13-0's my lucky number... to you it means stay inside.

I'll fully admit, coming into yesterday's game against Pittsburgh, I was a tad nervous, though, truthfully, I tend to get a little nervous before every Patriots game. It's that 'any given Sunday' thing. Pittsburgh is a legit contender in the AFC and after last minute wins against Philly and Balmer the past two weeks, I was a little concerned about how the Pats would handle The Steelers. That is, until some guy in Pittsburgh named Anthony Smith opened his mouth and said something stupid.

After Smith, a Pittsburgh safety who's new nickname is now 'toast' after being burned repeatedly on Sunday, guaranteed a Steelers win over The Patriots I just shook my head and said to myself, 'Thank you Anthony Smith, whoever you are.'

Leading up to the game, the word out of the Patriots locker-room was that they don't pay attention to that kind of stuff, but let's face it, at that point it was practically all over before the game had even been played.

Pittsburgh did make a game of it for the first half, hanging with the Pats and keeping the score close when it looked like an early blowout might be brewing after some big plays initially put the Pats up 14-3. The Steelers came back strong as the 1st half wore on and the teams eventually went into the locker rooms with the Pats up by four at 17-13.

Those first half points were the last points the Steelers would score for the remainder of the game as The Patriots shut Pittsburgh out in the second half while scoring 17 unanswered points of their own, sending a message to some people out there who were openly wondering if the Patriots were starting to look a little fallible after their last few nail-biter wins.

The Patriots defense looked like it was getting back to it's old self in the second half, at one point stopping Pittsburgh from scoring on four straight attempts inside the 10 yard line. Rodney Harrison seemed to be particularly fired up and that is always a good thing to see.

I'm not sure if it could be heard on the TV audio, as they tend to raise and lower the volume on crowd noise as they see fit, but on the radio broadcast you could clearly hear the 12th Man at The Razor chanting, 'Guar-an-tee! Guar-an-tee!' taunting The Steelers' Anthony Smith as the game was coming to a close and prompting Tom Brady to gesture for the crowd to quiet down so they could work the offense.. Gotta hand it to those fans at The Razor. They always know just what to say.

I was glad to finally have an afternoon game again. Prime-time games are all fine and dandy, but after three in a row, they were really starting to wear on me. Not only that but my kids had not seen a Patriots game in a month! I missed watching football with them. They love to watch Patriots games because of all the jumping up and down, yelling and running around the house that's involved. They like to join in. Plus they get almost unlimited pretzels during the game.

I don't care what anybody says, Rene Rancourt rocks the National Anthem.

The Pats clinched a first round bye on Sunday and now need only one more win or a Colts loss to clinch home field throughout the playoffs. I watched about 5 minutes of the Indy / Ravens game last night, hoping maybe Baltimore might challenge Indy the way they did The Patriots. It was not even close. As Baltimore was getting shellacked, I was saying to myself, 'this is the team that came a botched time-out away from beating the Patriots last week? Wow. Any given Sunday indeed..'

Coach Belichick won his 100th game as the Patriots head coach. Tom Brady now has 45 TD passes and needs only 5 more to take ownership of the single season TD pass record. Randy Moss now has 19 TD catches and needs only 4 more to own the single season TD catch record. Moss has also bumped Curtis Martin from the top of the list as owner of the Pats' single season overall TD record. (Good.)

In the end there's only one stat that I care about, but watching these records fall and seeing the names of New England Patriots players at the top of these lists is going to be pretty cool.

This week's upcoming game against the Jets should be verrrry interesting. I'm sure the press will do everything in it's power to work people into a frenzy and try to create every video camera revenge angle that they possibly can. I fully expect it to completely overshadow the game itself and I can only imagine the number of cameras that will be on Belichick and Mangini during this game. It's going to be ridiculous. It's going to be the most covered 13-0 vs. 3-10 game in the history of everything. Expect ESPN to do a half-hour special on the post game hand-shake, with Ron Jaworski doing a full tape break-down and analysis of all the nuances, if, when the game ends, the two coaches can somehow get through to each other past all the cameras that is..


Trapped under ice...

After a night of freezing-rain, I woke up this morning to find my yard completely covered in sheer, glaze ice. There was so much ice, if you wanted to, you could have played a hockey game on my driveway.

My driveway happens to be a hill, so I knew getting down it to leave for work was going to be an adventure.

When it was time to go, I started out slowly, slowly, slowly and as I got about half-way to the end, I thought I was in good shape. This is the point where the driveway incline really begins however and I quickly found myself sliding backwards, with ever increasing speed, straight for my mail-box.

Now, my mail-box has been taken out several times in the past by, ahem.. Oh I'll just say it, woman drivers, and I knew if I were to knock down my own mail-box, I would never live it down for the rest of my life.

As I was sliding inexorably and with more and more momentum towards my mail-box's certain doom, I defiantly said to myself, 'I'll be damned if I'm gonna take out my own mail-box..'

I was sliding down the hill backwards. I turned the wheel to the left and hit the brake. As the front of the car began to spin around to the right, I jammed it into drive and hit the gas, doing a full 180 on the icy driveway. I was now sliding forwards towards the street instead of backwards towards my mail-box. I hit the brake again and turned the wheel as I neared the bottom of the driveway, sliding to a stop before sliding out onto the road. My mailbox was safe.

My Wife had been watching the whole thing from the windows of the house. I got out and yelled, 'hey did you see that?! I just did a full 180 in the driveway!'

'Pretty cool!' she replied.

I raised my arms in victory and she shook her head.

I should have been a stunt-driver.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If the season ended today... AFC.

I can't believe we are coming down to the end of the NFL regular season. Only four games left on the schedule? Man that thing seemed to fly by.

This time of year is always a lot of fun with all the jockeying for playoff spots going on. Who's going to get in? Who's going to get bounced? It's great to watch everything unfold as the games play out.

Even though I know they are meaningless, I love those 'if the season ended today' things that the big sites do, so with a month of football left, here's my take on 'if the season ended today'.


Division Winners:

1. New England Patriots - I don't think we need to discuss my feelings on The Pats. We need two wins to clinch home field throughout the playoffs and we have some teams with pretty poor records coming up on the schedule. This week's game against Pittsburgh is huge. The Steelers killed the Pats' 21 game win streak a couple years ago. Hopefully they don't kill our chances at regular season.. you know. (I don't mention it. Bad luck.) Thankfully The Pats have the Steelers at home and will have the 12th Man on their side, as well as a field that is an actual playing surface and not a frozen swamp. After a stretch of three straight prime-time games, two of which went down to the wire, Coach Belichick described the Patriots as a 'tired team'. Facing a short week of preparation to get ready for a very formidable opponent, Coach B is giving the team a bit of a break this week in practice to try and let them have a chance to recuperate. Hopefully The Pats can dig deep on Sunday against The Steelers.

2. Indianapolis Colts - Ok I hate the Colts. That should not come as a surprise to anybody. They have all but clinched their division and a bye is looking good for them (dammit) though there is a chance they could stumble down the stretch and be overtaken by the Steelers in the bye week race. Depending on how the planets align The Colts could face Pittsburgh or those pesky Jaguars in the playoffs. Maybe one of those teams do us a favor and take out the Colts. I doubt it will happen but I wouldn't mind seeing it.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - I used to have a very high hate level for the Steelers but for some reason, I don't hate them that much anymore. I still dislike them, but my level of hatred has gone down significantly since they won the Superbowl and all the national media finally got their rocks off over it. They look pretty solid for the division title but Romeo Crennel's Browns are still nipping at their heels. Go Browns.

4. San Diego Chargers - I still can't believe I used to like this team, and that they were actually at one time my #1 backup team, but heck I used to like the Colts back in the Jim Harbaugh days. I hate San Diego, I think even more than I hate the Colts. Maybe it's because of all the trash talk and classless smack coming from a team that still hasn't done anything yet.. This is a team who's QB screams at the home town fans to 'shut up' when they get on him after a bad series of plays. And then there's the endless bitching and whining that goes on.. Overall, very irritating. Maybe if the players on the Chargers kept their mouths shut and just played football, I wouldn't hate them so much, but they don't so I do. And their new uniforms look stupid. The Chargers play in a division that is almost as bad as the AFC East, so they are essentially a lock to win their division. There's always a chance at an implosion though. That would be nice. Yes, I am actually rooting for the Broncos to overtake the Chargers. Amazing.

Wild Cards:
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Finally a team that I LIKE. I like the Jags. They have never done anything to piss me off too badly. I would not mind seeing them get in, and if they do, hopefully they make things difficult for Indy or Pittsburgh.

6. Cleveland Browns - YES. Another team I like. I would love to see these guys get into the playoffs. Romeo Crennel and Willie McGinest. End of story.

On the outside looking in:

Tennessee Titans - Don't really hate but don't really like either. They are a tough team and I like their coach, Jeff Fisher, though I still harbor a grudge for them intentionally taking out Rodney Harrison last year. Whatever.

Buffalo Bills - I actually kind of like the Bills as long as they are not playing the Pats. I would not mind seeing them get in. It would give the AFC East a little more cred in the league. But, at the same time, The Bills are likely 1st round losers even if they do get in, and we need teams who have a chance to do some damage against The Patriots' potential playoff opponents.

Denver Broncos - On any given day, I normally hate the Broncos, passionately. They are easily in the top 5 on my most hated teams list (Miami, Indy, S.D., Denver, Oakland. The Jets get honorable mention. Miami, Denver and Oakland have permanent seats at the table. It's like the United Nations security council thing. They can't be kicked off. Ever. The Security Council of NFL Hate.) HOWEVER, in this particular case, I hate San Diego more than I hate The Broncos. San Diego is my NFL hate binky '07, so I am actually rooting for Denver to somehow over take the Chargers. It's the wild and wacky NFL.

Houston Texans - I am totally ambivalent about this team.. I can't even name a player or a coach. Eric Carr? He is their QB right? Who knows.

Well, this post turned out to be kinda long so I'll save the NFC side for later this week. I'm going to be a whore (or 'whoooah' as they say on The Sopranos) and ask you to leave me some comments about your take on the AFC. I'm interested to see what people think. If you see there are no comments on this post, don't make me look like a jerk. (That's a line from The Sopranos. Guess the character. I finished Season 6 by the way so it's safe to talk about it now. Thanks internets.)


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pats win 27-24. All I can say is, WOW!!

Oh. My. God. I just came down off the ceiling after the end of that Patriots / Ravens game. Let me tell you, it's kind of hard to go from writhing on the floor to stuck to the ceiling like a cat. My heart was about to explode at the end of that game. The Patriots beat the Ravens, 27-24 on a MIRACLE come back. Down by 4, the Pats drove the field in the final 5 minutes to take the lead and the win. Brady has done it time and again but it's still amazing, every damn time.

Tom Brady.. (manly swoon).

I'm at a loss for words at the moment so this probably won't be the most sensible thing I've ever posted.

The Pats, honestly, had a lot of help from The Ravens in this game. Penalties against the Ravens really kept things going for The Pats throughout the game, and, in a move that will certainly cause some broken furniture in the Baltimore locker-room, just as it looked like The Ravens had the Pats stopped on 4th and The Game, and it appeared the Ravens had the win all wrapped up, it turns out the Ravens had called a time out from the sideline, just before the play went off, giving the Patriots life and another chance to make a play, which, they made.


The Patriots running game, aside from Kevin Faulk, who was a spark, was really ineffective and the Pats run defense was simply terrible. Willis McGahee ran all over the Pats in this game. He ran the ball right down The Patriots throats. Dropped passes all over the place, dropped TD passes... you look at all that and yet somehow, down by four, Tom Brady gets the ball down the field and puts it in the End Zone to Jabbar Gaffney as time runs off the clock. Amazing.

The Ravens still had a chance to potentially tie or win the game with 44 seconds remaining. With about 8 seconds left, a last-ditch Hail Mary was complete at the TWO yard line and was stopped there as time expired. WHEW!!!

The Ravens were really stoked up for this game and the home crowd was into it, huge. The fact that The Pats came into this ultra-hostile environment, during prime-time, with Don Fucking Shula in the booth with the ESPN guys, with a champagne bottle on ice for him somewhere in the background no doubt, played, what could be said was arguably their worst game of the year, practically no run game, horrible run defense, dropped passes.. and somehow The Pats still came out of there with the win, well it's just incredible.

Finally, this stretch of prime-time night games is over. Although some people have described Baltimore as a bad team, I didn't believe it. Like I said in the last post, this team worried me all week and I considered them a huge threat to beat the Pats. The Ravens almost did it and really, it was their own mistakes that did them in. Not that I'm going to complain about it..

Next week is gonna be another tough game with Pittsburgh coming into Foxboro. I'm glad that's a home game and we don't have to worry about Don 'I used to love to kick the Pats when they were down' Shula hanging around somewhere in the background with his unopened champagne bottle. And 4 o'clock games rule.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Patriots / Ravens: 1st Half

Patriots / Ravens. The 1st half just ended with the score tied at 10-10. This has been a pretty tight game so far. The Patriots got down within the Ravens 5 on their first drive but came away with only 3 points. Watson had a ball in the end-zone but could not hang on, at the same time, Welker was standing on the end-zone, practially all alone.

Then The Ravens picked up about 50 yards on a broken play that initially looked like it was going to be a sack for the Pats. They went into score and make it 7-3, Baltimore.

The Raven's McGahee has been getting decent yardage on the ground. He was picking up big yards early but it seems like the Pats have thankfully clamped down on that a bit.

After The Ravens went up by 7 on a FG, making it 10-3, The Pats came out in their no-huddle offense and drove the field. Kevin Faulk provided an instant spark, coming in and replacing Laurence Maroney, who has been pretty much ineffective. Faulk picked up good yardage on 1st downs, allowing the Pats to move the ball down the field and get the 10-10 tie.

Despite the Pats' record, I do find it somewhat surprising that some people think any of these teams the Pats are facing down the stretch are going to be 'easy' games. I have been nervous about this Ravens game all week. Forget their record, the Ravens are a good team and they are motivated. As if playing at home in prime-time is not enough, everybody wants to be the team to knock the Pats off their perch. Nobody is going to give the Pats an easy game..

Things that are bothering me in this game:
Receivers need to hang on to the ball. There were a lot of dropped passes in the 1st half, and the dropped passes in the end-zone can't happen.

Defense has me nervous in this game. Baltimore is moving the ball on the ground and seems to be effective picking up 3rd downs. Derek Mason is STILL a pain in the ass for The Pats..

Maroney needs to pick it up. Faulk has done a great job coming in for him, but Maroney needs to assert himself here.

Don Shula's face needs to get off of my TV screen. Get out of my face DON or I'll remind you of the Snowplow game. I know how much you hate that.



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