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Monday, May 26, 2008

13 Stoploss

What else is there that a person like me can say except, go and read it. and learn. 

13 Stoploss:


Memorial Day. Thank you.

As someone who has not served in the U.S. military, yet lives in, and enjoys the freedom paid for by the sacrifice of others who have served, I can only say one thing: Thank You. Thank You, Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waiting for quiet-ness...

Ohh, I'm tired. Hey what's up everybody. It's about 9 PM. I'm home alone, my Wife is out at one of her Mom Meetings (or as I call it, excuse to have a margarita). Wait, what am I saying, you don't need an excuse to have a margarita!

I'm going to be heading down to try and work on some recording in a few minutes. Got the kids settled around 8:30 and I'm just waiting here to make sure all remains quiet before I strap on the headphones.

I made a recording last night and I think it came out ok, except for one of the guitar solos, which I am not happy with and I need to re-do, and also the vocals are too high, so I'm going to fix that. Unfortunately these recordings have no bass and only a loop for drums. It's just me and the guitar and a drum loop. Other than that they are pretty ok fine I think.

Since I was recording last night, I did not see John Lester's no-no. I did not even know it was happening till it was already over and my Sister-In-Law called to see if I was excited about it. I was like, 'excited about what?' 

Well, that's how it goes. I guess I am a bad Red Sox fan right now (bows head in shame), but I did make a recording, so that counts for something, in my book at least.

The Celts face the Detroit Pistons in Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals tonight. Here's hoping the C's can win all their home AND road games in this series!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lunch. Oh, hello!

Aright I was gonna go for a walk but it's looking like it's going to rain so.. may as well do some typing here instead.

So what's going on around here?

CDs - For those of you who are getting some CD's, I've got them all made, I've got some cases to put them in.. but my printer is out of ink so I can't print the songs. I'll have to scribble something with my horrible handwriting. I'll try and make the song names somewhat readable. Ha. I'm hoping they will go out this week. I swear. Really. We'll see..

My Wife and I went out on a date last week. Just us. This is a very rare event. It happens about two or three times a year, if we're lucky. We went to The Margarita Factory in Gardner MA and had burritos and margaritas. Ole! Then we went to see 'Iron Man' which I thought was 1000% KICK ASS. I give it 10 X 10 stars, X 10. And my Wife said that she really liked it too, and that's saying something, for her, a person who is not the biggest comic book movie fan.

This past weekend I mowed the lawn for the first time and went around with the grass trimmer. The lawn is looking good except for a few patches that need some TLC. The grubs seem to be under control (dead). Next chemical warfare target: weeds. Say your prayers dandelions..

The lawnmower kinda sputtered a little bit going uphill a few times. I'm wondering if maybe it needs a new spark plug, or maybe it just was unhappy with the gas as it was left-over from the snowblower and was a bit stale. I'll have to keep an eye on that. The grass trimmer was having troubles too, but I know that is because I used old gas in it (lazy). At one point it suddenly stopped running all at once, instead of sputtering to a stop, and I was afraid the engine had somehow seized. I was not sure how that could have happened because the gas has oil in it, but, thankfully that was not the case, just the pull cord had gotten messed up somehow and I got it started again.

I have been practicing my guitar diligently and now have 6 originals, with lyrics, 3 instrumentals and several covers down pretty good.

See, this is why you're not getting your CDs.. I'm doin' shit!

The Celts played Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals vs. The Cavs yesterday and came out with a win. That game was tense. I was extremely worried in the closing minutes that the C's were somehow going to blow the game and the series. The C's held on for the win though and now will move on to the Eastern Conference Finals against Detroit.

I hope the C's can win a road game in this next series.. and still win all their home games too. That would be nice.

Bill Belichick = The MAN.

Ok that covers it for now. See ya!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?

Senator Specter from Pennsylvania thinks there's more to be uncovered in the New England Patriots' video library. Does it bother anybody that a U.S. Senator is actually wasting his (and OUR) time with this stuff??

From Reiss' Pieces:

"The issue I want to get into is what happened [with the taping]? What was done? What happened in all these games? How many were there? There are a lot more games involved in this sequence, from 2000 to 2007, than we know about."

This Senator has nothing else to occupy his time other than worrying about who taped what during some old football games? We are talking about GAMES here. There are so many problems in the U.S. right now and Senator Specter is worried about GAMES. This guy needs to get his priorities straight.

What else does Senator Specter think is going to be uncovered with an independent investigation of The Patriots video taping procedures? We already know that since Bill Belichick became their Head Coach, The Pats have taped other team's signals. The punishment that the NFL administered to the Patriots and Bill Belichick covers the totality of that rule violation. What else is there to uncover, that the Pats' video guys sometimes taped cheerleaders shaking their thangs as well? We know that too.


I'm not upset about all this because I am a fan of The Patriots and I want this whole videotape thing to go away, I am upset over the flagrant misuse of taxpayer's time, energy and money by this Senator in his continuation of what is obviously now a witch hunt against The Patriots and the NFL.

Step back and get some perspective. All this is because somebody was videotaping from a spot on the field where they were not allowed to be, collecting information that is collected by every team in the league. It's called scouting.

With Matt Walsh finally coming out yesterday and admitting he that didn't have anything on the Pats that was not already known, the issue has at last been resolved, but Senator Specter wants to keep on digging. Digging for what?? I don't know and I honestly don't think he does either, but he's going to get to the bottom of it, whatever it is, right?

Hey Senator Specter (R), here's an idea. How about working on digging us out of Iraq, you tool.

I love this line, in response to a question about Specter's well known ties to Comcast (headquartered in Philly) and their 'squabble' with the NFL Network.

"I’ve read about it. They have been campaign contributors along with 50,000 other people. Last campaign cost $23 million. I don’t know what they contributed, but I’ve been at this line of work for a long time and no one has ever questioned my integrity."

Bullshit he doesn't know what Comcast contributed. I'm questioning your integrity right here and now, Senator.

There is way too much time being wasted on SPORTS ISSUES by our people in Washington D.C. Cheating in baseball? Don't care. Really. I DON'T CARE. Taping signals in football? Still, REALLY DON'T CARE. You know why? Because it's a game. Yes, its true. Sports: it's entertainment.

You wanna know what I think you should be spending your valuable time on SENATOR? Getting our guys the fuck out of the desert, that's what. When that's accomplished, then come talk to me about football game videotapes and semi-retired baseball player's taking steroids, or not. Ass.

Where's the Tylenol?

{Mood: Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown}

Holy fuck I just read this on the Projo Pats blog. It's the transcript of the statement that Sen. Specter (R) made on the floor of the U.S. Senate today. Way to take up the time of the ENTIRE U.S. SENATE WITH BULLSHIT SPECTER. Hey, now that that's out of the way, maybe you guys could work on something, really important. Hmmm. You've covered football, what else is there.. I don't know.. you'll think of something eventually, I'm sure. ASS.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Down time

My Wife is out shopping with Daughter #1, Daughter #2 is sleeping and my Son is playing Pokemon video games.

I am going to take this opportunity to mix up a G&T;, grab my iPod and my book, go sit on the porch swing and see if I can read a page or two..

Of course, now that I've said that, I expect all Hell to break loose any second..

Later I'll probably mow the lawn if it's not too late. First mow of the year..

Saturdays rule.

19 Songs

Ok so I got tagged by Courtney a few days ago to do this music thing, which is actually pretty cool because I got some CDs out of it and I get to give out some CDs too, so that is fun.

So here are the rules:
1. Choose 19 of the songs you like best, regardless of artist or genre.
2. Put them all together in a CD.
3. Make 5 other copies.
4. Post your playlist on your blarg.
5. Choose 5 people and send them a copy of your CD each. Send the first copy you made to the one who tagged you.

Neato. I'm in.

I tried to include several favorites from some local Massachusetts bands because I thought that would be extra cool.

Here are my songs:

1 Reach for the Sky - Social D (Mike Ness: born in Stoneham MA)
2 I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash
3 Live Fast - Mess With The Bull (Cambridge MA)
4 Gone Gamblin - The Supersuckers
5 Wake Up - Dave Smith and the Country Rebels (Northampton MA)
6 Death or Glory - Social D cover (I figure most people have the original version by The Clash)
7 Urethane - Fu Manchu
8 7 Months, 39 Days - Hank III
9 I'm Drunk Again - Assjack
10 Ramblin Fever - Haggard
11 World Ablaze - Killswitch Engage (Westfield MA)
12 Emperor Concerto No 5. in E-flat -- Adagio in poco mosso - L.V. Beethoven
13 Once Upon A Time in the Projects - Ice Cube
14 Just Like Heaven - Dinosaur Jr. cover (Amherst MA) (I like the cover better than the orig, and most people probably have the original by The Cure)
15 Carried Away - George Strait
16 Do It 4 You - Clutch Grabwell (Quincy MA)
17 Tell Me - Galaxie 500 (Boston MA)
18 Deadly Rhythm - Refused
19 Wonder - Gold Star Campaign (Worcester MA)

Now I get to tag some people:
B, Angela, Kristen, Jess, Iain

E-mail me and I will send you some CDs!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

NHL Conference Finals: Who I'm rooting for..

Well the NHL's (that's hockey. ice hockey.) Conference Finals are starting tonight so I better get my 'who I'm rooting for' picks up here and let the appropriate cross-mojinations and jinxes start to work their magic.

Wings / Stars - I'm going with The Stars. I don't really care for either team to be honest, but I like Mike Modano, so I'll root for The Stars. By the way, do you know what happens if you do an image search for Mike Modano in Google? Try it and find out. Heh heh. (Don't worry it's safe, unless you work for Puritans. Just don't search for 'mike modano wife'. That would be NSFW.)

Flyers / Penguins - Well I think I've made it pretty plain over the last couple posts that I hate the Flyers, so obviously my pick is The Penguins. Not that I like (or dislike) The Penguins, I just hate the Flyers.

Ok there you go. Stanley Cup Conference Finals: ENGAGE!

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Avs get swept by the Wings. Guess I'm rooting for the Pens now..

Well my #1A team, The Avs, got swept by The Wings in the Stanley Cup Conference Semis. And my other team out West, The Sharks, are down 3 games to 1 to The Dallas Northstars, er, I mean, Stars. Yeah, that's it.

It's not looking good at all in the West.

Unless there are some drastic changes and turn-arounds, it looks like I'll be rooting for a team from the East to win The Cup this year and I'll be damned if I'll root for either Philly or The Habs. That leaves The Pens. Go Pittsburgh. I guess. (I am not happy with this.)

The Patriots will have their first rookie mini-camp this weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing some tidbits about that. I am pleased with what the Pats did in the draft. The needed some young players to refresh their defense and thats what they tried to get. Will they all work out and become perennial pro-bowler super-stars? Only time will tell. (By the way, grading a team's draft is almost as stupid as spending weeks trying to guess which player a team is going to draft in the first place. Just my opinion..)

I also like that the Patriots picked a QB. Not that I am all that concerned about it, but the backup QB situation is kinda sketchy. It's important that when it's time for The Patriots to take a knee and run out the clock in the 4th Quarter, they have a guy who is fully capable of doing the job right.

Is it just me or is there kind of a negative vibe out there regarding 'The Man'? I'm talking about a guy that I would totally bear-hug in a non-homo fashion if I could, Tom Brady of course. Maybe it's just me but I've been feeling like there's been a lot of nit-picky and dumb barbs thrown his way lately. Step off bitches.

Tom Brady is THE MAN. THE END.

In other scintillating news, I need a hair cut, like wicked bad. I was going to get one Saturday but I have to attend a family thing instead. Saturday night I'll be amongst the crowd at The Lucky Dog in beautiful Worcester, MA to see The Goldstar Campaign. Come find me if you're there. And, finally, I've switched from celluloid to tortex guitar picks. So far, so good. Wow. Now that's exciting!

Don't forget about my drop.io. Happy Friday!


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