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Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey what's up everybody? Long time no typey-typey.. Well I've been on vacation and have tried to keep the computer turned off whenever possible.. Not just logged off, not just put to sleep.. Off. In fact if it were not to keep track of some gear I was selling on e-bay and the tides at Hampton Beach, I would not have turned the thing on at all.

Vacation was awesome, as well as much needed. I'm happy to tell you there were days when I had no idea what day it actually was or even what time it was, since I was not wearing a watch or paying attention to things date and time related the entire time. My kids would ask what time it was and I'd say, 'half-past morning' or 'time to fire up the grill' or 'almost dark'. Awesome.

Two weeks go by fast and my vacation is, sadly, over, and it seems that Summer '08 is quickly following right behind it. Wow, sorry I was just overcome by a wave of minor post-vacation, Monday funk. It'll be ok though.

So now it's time to catch up and come back to reality. I have a ton of returnable beer bottles to cash in and I have to try and remember what my passwords are at work. What do I do for work again? It's something to do with computer-y stuff..

You know it's been a good break when you don't remember what you were doing when you left.

One thing I did follow while I was away was The Patriots, of course, and I must tell you, even though it's only pre-season, I'm a little worried about them. Just a little. The Pats have not looked that good in any phase of the game to this layman's eye.. It's only pre-season though (that's what I keep telling myself).


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