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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Hank III video..

Check out the video for Hank III's new song, 'Long Hauls and Close Calls'. You can watch it here.

Personally I think the video's a little weird, but then, III's kinda out there himself.. and that's what I like about him! The new song kicks ass though. I am fully stoked for his new album, Damn Right Rebel Proud, to come out in October.

Other albums I'm looking forward to:

The Supersuckers: Get It Together - Supposedly coming out 'soon', whenever that is. They played some of the new songs the last time I saw them back in February and they were really good and a-rockin', as I would expect from the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

Social D / Mike Ness: They were originally supposed to come out with something in '08, now they're saying to look for something from Social D or Mike in '09, so I expect to see something by one or the other the end of 2010. Feels weird saying 2010. It's like living in the future, or something. Shouldn't we all be wearing shiny silver suits and exploring Jupiter around then?

Metallica: Death Magnetic - Yes. Ok, yes. I like Metallica, still, even though they suck without Cliff and Lars is a dick and Jaymz doesn't play the white explorer.. yadda yadda yadda..  I've heard it all, and I'm looking forward to the new one just the same. From what I've heard it's sounding pretty good.

Also, Sept 12th look to find me at the following location:


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