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Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Super-Sunday. Go Arizona!

Well the day is finally here! The Superbowl! The first holiday of the year. Yes, it is a holiday (for the ump-teenth time).

To be honest though, I'm really not all that super excited about the Superbowl this year. Of course, as a football fan, I'm still looking forward to watching the game.. Just because The Pats were eliminated over a month ago, that does not mean I stopped following the NFL playoffs, but, for some reason I'm just not feeling that big Superbowl excitement that I usually get on Super Sunday.. oh well. 

It should come as no surprise to any of the six people that read this site to learn that I'll be rooting for The Arizona Cardinals in the Big Game today. I'd love to see The Cards win their first Superbowl and prevent the Steelers from winning what would be a record sixth title at the same time. So GO CARDINALS!

I'm planning to make some Victory Chili today on behalf of The Cardinals. Hopefully those finicky Football Gods will notice and do the right thing this year.. 

Enjoy the game today everybody. The Patriots kick-off in 224 days.

(In Bill We Trust)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time for the, 'Who I'm picking in the NFL Conference Championships'

Well things didn't work out exactly as planned last weekend, with the non-Patriots team that I was pulling for to go all the way, The Titans, eliminated, but in the end it all worked out ok. With the Eagles eliminating The NY Giants, (THANK YOU) and The Cardinals advancing to the NFC Championship, I am now guaranteed to have at least one team that I like playing in the Superbowl.

In the AFC, what can I say, I was disappointed to see The Titans eliminated last week, but I don't totally hate Baltimore, so it's ok. 

The other AFC Divisional Game last week featured two teams that I truly dislike, The Steelers and Chargers, but even that one worked out in the end. Not only do I not have to worry about mega-tool LaDainian Tomlinson getting to The Superbowl, but with the 8 - 8 San Diego Chargers loosing to Pittsburgh, The Patriots, who own The Chargers 2nd round pick, improve their draft position. Nice.

Alright, as for this week..

Pittsburgh / Baltimore - I totally hate Pittsburgh, so Go Ravens.

Arizona / Philly - It's a no loose situation for me. I like both teams, so I'll be happy with whoever gets in. I'm really not sure who to pull for more here. I would not mind seeing those tortured Philly fans getting another shot at The Superbowl, but I think it would be really cool to see the Cardinals get to their first Superbowl too. I like to see teams that have been the perennial losers of the league finally make it to the top. Either way, I'll be rooting for one of these teams in the Superbowl.

On the Patriots front, I am upset to see so many departures from the coaching staff and the front office. The loss of Scott Pioli to KC really hurts, but what can you do. That is what success breeds so I can't complain too much. Thankfully we still have the two best guys at the top running the show for The Pats, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, so in the end I know it will be ok.

In Bill We Trust

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time for, 'who I'm rooting for in the NFL Divisional Playoffs'.. (go Titans)

Alright everybody, it's time for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Wooo! Exciting. 

Ok, it is exciting actually, even though The Pats are not in it. Unlike say, baseball or basketball, football is a sport that I still like to watch even if my team is not involved. I like to watch hockey too, even if The B's are not in the mix (which is, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence, but maybe not this year!!)

Ok, back to fooball.. As far as the playoffs this weekend..

Baltimore / Tennessee 
- Tennessee. And let me just say that I am rooting for Tennessee to go all the way, baby. All the muther-fucking way. Keep that in mind when I get to...

San Diego / Pittsburgh 
- Well, here we have a case of, I fucking hate both of these teams, quite a lot. So who to pick, who to pick?? Logic engage: Which team is more likely to get smoked if they play Tennessee? I'll go with San Diego there.

Alright, NFC:
Philly / New York - Philly. Easy choice. It should not be too hard for people to figure out that I don't want the Giants to advance.. Yes I am still bitter. Very bitter. Don't bring it up. 

Arizona / Carolina - I have to tell you, I really don't care who wins. I would not mind seeing Arizona win, just because I like to see the teams that have been down for a long time become successful.. but, should The Giants win their game, which of these teams could beat them? I have to say, that would be Carolina. So I will root for Carolina, but I won't be upset if Arizona wins..

Ok happy Divisional Playoff Weekend everybody and enjoy the games. 

(In Bill We Trust)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Matt Millen is providing NFL analysis for a playoff game. Is this a joke?

I was just watching the Arizona / Atlanta playoff pre-game show on NBC and was truly flabbergasted to see Matt Millen, architect of the 0-16 Detroit Lions providing football related analysis. 

Matt Millen. Are you kidding me?? 

NBC, do you honestly expect any football fan out there to listen or give credence to anything Matt Millen has to say about a football team and what they need to do to win a game, any game, never mind a playoff game? 

If you're looking for somebody to describe the best way to completely destroy a franchise, Millen is your man, but this guy is in the studio talking about what two playoff teams need to do to win, after his own team just went 0-16.

What a joke. NBC, good luck with the whole credibility thing. 

Ok that's it. I just could not believe what I was seeing and had to say something about it. As you were.

Go Atlanta.


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